Can Mike Moustakas crown run home to win in Milwaukee? - Athletic

So I am quietly remembering my own business (Tweeting) when I should be doing real writing and I asked the following questions:

“What is your homer projection for Mike Moustakas?”

I thought very little about Moustakas this year. He was late for the party he had contracted, so I didn't really recognize it for his new excavations in Milwaukee. I am looking for pitchers usually at their ADP range. I usually fill my corner soon because they are the best beaters; and while Moustakas will have a second base eligibility, we cannot then draft it. I could hardly pull up the interest to look into it but it seems so uninteresting what I was interested in (welcome to my brain). I was forced to think, “Why is someone interested in Moustakas? Is there something here? ”

Truth be told, full exposure, I hate many of the 2015 Royal-era to move my Mets in the World Series in such a reckless manner. Moustakas was a villain as that Series …


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