Can “nails” really tell disease? Which nails should be careful?

“nail” can say a disease Is it true or not? which “nail” that, if you look carefully it will have different characteristics, such as shape, colour, shortness, length of the nail surface and health Of the nails, it depends on the care of each person. the change from “nail” that doesn’t just depend on the care. “nail” It helps to lift things and prevent injuries. fingers Another advantage of the clove is that. Able to tell about sickness and illness of the body too.

nature “nail” unusual

unusually thick nails

There are many a disease which causes like nail fungus, which is in addition to “nail” it will be thicker. Nails can also change colour, such as yellow, white or black. The surface of the nails can also be rough. Psoriasis can also cause thick nails. unlike the infection psoriasis Often have many thick nails, but fungal disease usually a few nails

“nail” Concave until it becomes lumpy in the shape of a spoon. (Spoon nails or koilonychia)

The nails are pale white, soft, flat, thin, and spoon-shaped. from iron deficiency Elderly people may have thin nails and brittleness at the tip of the nail. Sometimes the nails turn with age too. Which is much more nails will poke into the meat more easily. There may be a hole under the nail to remember that germs can easily enter.

“nail” with a rough surface

The surface of the nail may be a small hole. If there are multiple nails, it can be a sign psoriasis or allergy But it may appear in some children for no apparent reason. In some cases, the patient has a serious illness. The nail may have deep grooves along the transverse direction due to abnormal nail formation.

Indented tip of the nail (onycholysis)

The tip of the nail is indented, usually the tip of the skin is attached to the nail. But if there are some diseases like psoriasis thyroid disease, fungal disease and eczema including the use of certain drugs This can cause the edge of the skin attached to the nail to be shortened.

nail color change

Half-white nails are found in people with CKD. Two thirds of the white nails are found in humans. diabetes cirrhosis and heart attack White striped nails can be a low protein disease.

skin around the nails, swelling, redness

People in frequent contact with water skin It may be around the nail festering. or irritation from chemicals such as washing up liquid and cleaning agents Fungal infections can sometimes occur because they are not kept clean. Some patients with bacterial skin infections The area around the nail may be swollen, red and accompanied by pus.

a nail

14 features “nail” tell the disease

1. Nails are bent or curled.

it can be related to the spine lung disorders and symptoms heart disease or yes

2. The nail is grooved.

Often suffering from malnutrition or poor breathing If it is vertical, it is probably because there is mold. But if it’s a long line, it can indicate kidney malfunction or a bad bowel.

3. nails very thick

A very thick fingernail indicates a disease of the circulatory system that is not working properly.

4. Nails are thinner than usual.

which is often found in people with symptoms of anaemia due to lack of iron including the elderly who are not physically strong

5. black nails

Black nails indicate intestinal disorders, possibly due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

6. yellow fingernails

Yellow fingernails indicate associated lung disease. Liver disease, kidney disease, diabetes or if you have a thyroid disorder

7. white nails

It can be said that the functioning of the liver and kidneys are starting to have problems. And if it’s pale white, it’s probably related to anemia. or suffer from chronic liver disease

8. The nails are flowery and may also have white spots.

Nails like this can be hereditary. but if it looks like a crescent moon Be aware of health problems associated with melanoma. Or it may be due to a lack of certain nutrients.

9. Nails are purple dots or lines.

Most often it occurs with valvular heart disease. Vascular disease, liver disease, and scurvy or those with vitamin C deficiency

10. The nails are half white, half pink.

Half white, half pink nails can indicate a certain type of kidney disease.

11. square nails

This indicates that it may be heart disease caused by anger, rage, or tantrums. It can also be caused by hormonal disorders.

12. Cracked nail cuticles or nails and some change color

Shows symptoms of thyroid disease psoriasis or nails having a fungal infection dermatitis

13. The base of the nail turns red.

This area is usually white. But if the color turns red, there could be a problem with the heart or lungs.

14. The tip of the nail has a dark edge.

This may be due to a lack of nutrients in the body. ae malfunction Poor blood circulation, diabetes, etc. It can also be caused by entering the elderly.

a nail

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