Can punt bang again! Get to know her, Olivia Rodrigo, preparing to become the superstar of the Gen-Z era.

Can punt bang again You must know you this minute !! “Olivia Rodrigo” broke a world record in a blink of an eye. With the first single, “drivers license”, it is set to become the superstar in the gen-Z era of pop music.

It’s coming strong, overtaking the world-class superstars like driving type. A beautiful 17-year-old artist “Olivia Rodrigo” At debut single “drivers license” Number 1, breaking the world record that has ever been With a maximum daily stream of 6.145 million streams on Spotify! And also debuted on the Global Spotify chart with No. 1 immediately from the day the song was released

Latest girl “Olivia Rodrigo” She posted shocking pictures and messages via Instagram after her song became # 1 worldwide, and her MV has hit YouTube viral hits 20 million times, resulting inHer followers on Instagram have doubled from 2 million to 4 million overnight. Certifying that this year we will see the name “Olivia Rodrigo” Not only that, she has received a lot of admiration from her fellow artists, who will be the main driving force of the Gen-Z era pop music industry. Whether it’s the mother, runs pop songs like “Taylor Swift” And rising stars of the industry like “Conan Gray” and “Claire Rosinkranz” Which brought together to congratulate young women Olivia rodrigo Who hasn’t listened yet? “driver’s license” Be careful out there !!

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