Can the flour spoil? If you notice one of these signs, it is not safe to cook and bake with it – news

Regular flour is best used 6-8 months after the printed date, while wholemeal is best used 4-6 months after the same. To extend the shelf life of flour, you can keep it in the refrigerator or even the freezer. By storing flour in the refrigerator, you can extend its shelf life up to a year, while keeping it in the freezer can extend it up to two or three years.

The type of flour also plays a key role, and the usual white flour lasts the longest, while the one with whole grain – including integral – has a shorter shelf life.

What does spoiled flour look like?

One of the best indicators that the flour has gone bad is the smell. If you notice that the flour has taken on a smell – mostly rancid, this is probably a sign that you have to say goodbye to it, even if the deadline shows otherwise. The opposite is also true, if the term has expired, but the flour still has no smell – you can continue to use it for some time.

A sign that the flour has gone bad can also be when it changes color or mold or moths appear.

The appearance of moths is usually caused by humidity or high temperatures, but even if you store the flour in a dark place in the pantry, you have not finished your work. The best option to protect it from insects and mold is not to keep it in paper bags, but to store the flour in a closed jar or refrigerator.

It needs to be a dry and dark place.

Heat and sunlight can spoil flour sooner than it says on the back of the package, so make sure it’s away from the oven or other sources of heat and light.

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