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Original title: Will the new season officially set the variety show “Run” to run out of the next seven years

The last season of “Let’s Run” ended just three months ago, and the new season is ready to debut non-stop. On November 23, the official Weibo of “Run Bar” announced that the new season of “Run Bar·Yellow River Chapter” was scheduled to be aired on December 4th. As a veteran variety show, “Run” has been broadcast for seven years, eight seasons, and one hundred shows. Although this series of variety shows has maintained a high market influence, the popularity has fluctuated up and down, and word-of-mouth differences still appear from time to time. Coupled with the birth of a large number of new variety shows, it also diverts the audience’s attention to “Run” to a certain extent. Faced with the upcoming launch of the new season, can “Run” continue to run for the next seven years?

The official announcement of the fixed file has received high hits

“From December 4th, the running men’s team will be here waiting for you.” “Ben Ben front row registration”… From 10 o’clock on November 23, a series of news about the “Run Bar·Yellow River Chapter” will be released through “Run” Bar” official Weibo has been released one after another. Subsequently, the promotional videos taken by the participating guests for the program, as well as the official promotional posters and trailers were also released one after another, adding to the popularity of the program again.

According to data from the Weibo platform, as of 17:30 on November 23, the topic “Run Bar Yellow River” has been read 240 million times. At the same time, the trailer released under the official Weibo of “Run It” received nearly 6,000 reposts and over 90,000 likes within two and a half hours.

It’s worth noting that “Running Bar: Yellow River” did not appear as a regular content of “Running Bar”, but as a special episode, but this also made “Running Bar” greatly shortened the gap between seasons. File time.

A reporter from Beijing Business Daily found that when “Run Bar: Yellow River” enters the last week of its online countdown, it has only been three months since the last season of “Run Bar” officially ended. This is the same as the previous year that only had a new season. In comparison, the program production process has been significantly accelerated. In addition, the production of “Running the Yellow River” is like an accelerator. The launch ceremony will be held in July, the recording will be officially opened at the beginning of October, the shooting will be completed on November 19, the official announcement will be made on November 23, and December 4 The live broadcast not only has an almost seamless connection with the previous season’s program, but it also only takes about two months to start recording.

“The launch of a special episode can sustain the popularity of a program and attract viewers by enriching the content of the program.” TV commentator Sun Yu said that although the seasonal program has its own broadcast plan, it also needs to be in a certain period during the gap. Maintain the exposure of the program to a certain extent to ensure the later playback effect. In order to avoid completely blanking out of the audience’s sight, some talented variety shows will seamlessly connect with the next season’s audition when the previous season’s show is about to end, and the related progress will be disclosed from time to time to maintain the popularity. Interspersing special programs between variety shows is also a way to get rid of the gap.

Still facing a seven-year itch under the high temperature

“Run” has now become a veteran variety show in the variety show circle. Since the first season of “Running Brothers” was officially aired in 2014, it was renamed “Running” and continued to be updated. Up to now, the series of variety shows has been on the air for seven years, with eight seasons on the line, and the total number of episodes has reached 100. set. Years of broadcasting has also allowed “Run Bar” to accumulate a relatively high number of views. According to the data released by the official Weibo of the series of variety shows, the total number of hot searches on the entire network for “Run Bar” has now exceeded 1,000. Video playback The amount exceeds 10 billion times.

However, “Run” is also facing its own seven-year itch. According to Douban Movies, in the first season of “Running Brothers”, the score reached 7.5 points, but from the second season to the fourth season, the score gradually declined and fell below 6 points. After starting again with the appearance of “Run”, the first three seasons of the program have been hovering at less than 6 points. It was not until the broadcast of the fourth season of “Run” that the score of the variety show in the series was raised to 6 points. Above, reach 6.4 points.

Audience Ms. Song told a reporter from Beijing Business Daily that when I first watched the first season of “Running Brothers”, there were very few variety shows of this type in China at that time. Look. But after more seasons of the show went online, I could feel that during a period of time, the show seemed unable to create more freshness, and at the same time more variety shows with new themes were also launched, so the attention to the variety show was not as good as the initial state. .

The situation faced by “Run Let’s” is also the situation that many “general N generations” will encounter. Take another veteran variety show “Extreme Challenge” as an example. Up to now, six seasons of programs have been launched. However, according to Douban Movies, although the show had a high score of over 9 points in the first and second seasons, it was in the sixth season. , The score is only 4.6 points.

Regarding the market challenges faced by veteran variety shows, Chen Liqiang, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication of Tianjin Normal University, believes that this is related to the decay of interest caused by the audience’s aesthetic fatigue. In addition, many new variety shows are launched every year, which will also divert some parts. The audience of established variety shows.

Old IP innovation is a protracted battle

How can we continue to ensure the popularity of the show, seven years after seven years? The answer is undoubtedly innovation. The launch of the special program of “Run It” is an innovation in the broadcast format. At the same time, the series of variety shows also try to incorporate more new elements or new gameplay into the program content.

Take the members of the running men’s team as an example. Since the third season of “Run,” the guests of the show have undergone major adjustments. First, in the third season, artists such as Zhu Yawen, Wang Yanlin, Huang Xuxi, Song Yuqi appeared in the third season. Artists such as Sha Yi, Cai Xukun and Guo Qilin were added to the season. And the new artists not only belong to different age groups, but also come from different circles such as film and television, music, and comic dialogue.

“This is actually extended to more fans and audience groups with the help of artists and guests. At the same time, most of the above guests have a certain degree of popularity and traffic at the time, or show a certain sense of variety, which can also increase the exposure of the program itself.” Film and television media industry Analyst Zeng Rong said.

In addition, public information shows that the content of the program is more thematic in this “Run Bar·Yellow River Chapter”, and based on the areas along the “Yellow River Eco-economic Belt”, it runs into important cities along the upper, middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. , Not only set up games, but also live broadcasts and other links where the current trend is on the rise.

In Sun Yu’s view, the winner is the one who can catch the audience’s attention. This makes innovation an eternal key word in the variety show market. It does not lie in a certain period of program innovation, but also in continuous innovation. Therefore, the variety show market has always been in In the process of continuous exploration. At this stage, people’s lifestyles and habits are also changing rapidly, and the variety show market also needs to seize the trend and show more competitiveness.

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