Can we expect a younger Cha Eun-woo… Boy group Fantagio for the first time in the first half of the year

[뉴스컬처 권수빈 기자] Fantagio’s new boy group will debut in the first half of the year.

Fantagio said on the 22nd, “We are preparing for our debut in the first half of this year. The exact start date will be announced after confirmation. We ask for your anticipation and interest.”

Fantasy logo.

Astro and Weki Meki belong to Fantagio. Astro has held various activities since their debut in 2016, and Weki Meki has established itself as a team that considers various concepts from Teen Crush to Girl Spirit. All members are active in different fields such as music, acting and entertainment.

I’m curious about what Fantagio’s first new boy group will look like after 7 years since ASTRO. Detailed information about them will be released successively.

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