Can we take part in the online competition for the suspense thriller ‘Confession’?

The film project ‘Confession’. (Image = Fiscal)

K-content securities investment platform ‘Funderful’ announced on the 6th that it will hold a public offering for the film ‘Confession’.

This public offering is a project to invest in the movie ‘Confession’, and the fundraising event starts at 2 pm on the 7th through the Funderful website.

According to the Financier Fund, the initial recruitment amount is 200 million won, and the minimum investment per person is 300,000 won, and it closes on a first-come, first-served basis. The money raised through the online public offering will be used for film promotion costs.

The film ‘Confession’ is a suspense thriller that tells the story of businessman ‘Minho Yoo’, who has been designated as the sole suspect in a secret murder case, and ‘Shinae Yang’, a 100% lawyer who tries prove that he is innocent. , as they put the pieces together. So Ji-sub, who has established himself as a veteran actor, and Kim Yun-jin, the queen of excitement, will play the main roles and present a tense psychological battle. He has already received the best director award at the Fantasporto International Film Festival, one of the top three great international film festivals in the world, and has been receiving favorable reviews from foreign film festivals.

A Lotte Entertainment official in charge of distribution said, “Through the contests for ‘Hansan: The Appearance of the Dragon’ and ‘Life is Beautiful’, online subscription service Funderful not only promotes the film on hand but also lead to voluntary virality from investors, helping the success of the film “We plan to continue our partnership with Funderful in the future so that more people can access information about attractive films and get investment opportunities.”

Meanwhile, investors who participated in the ‘Confession’ film competition through Funder Pool can receive special benefits. The first 30 investors out of 2 million or more won will be invited to the pre-release preview (2 seats per person), which includes stage greetings from the director and actors, and the first 40 investors will with 1 million won or more received. 2 Lotte Cinema movie tickets. The benefit expires on a first-come, first-served basis based on the subscription time, and is only for confirmed (reserved) investors.

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