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Can you find the new Apple TV remote from your iPhone? Powerful clues from Siri-Engadget Japanese version

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Siri Remote

It has been officially confirmed that the remote control Siri Remote (2nd generation), which was announced at the same time as the new Apple TV, does not have a built-in U1 chip like the forgotten tracker AirTag. In other words, it seems that it is not possible to find out where it is with a “find” application such as the iPhone.

However, when I ask Siri of iOS 14.5 “Look for my Siri Remote” etc., it is answered that “There is no Siri Remote linked to your iCloud account”, and it may be possible to “find” in some way. Became clear.

Siri Remote

Siri Remote

This reaction is interesting because when you try to find an Apple Pencil that isn’t supported by Find, you’ll get a sort of answer that says “This kind of accessory can’t be used by Find.” In other words, it is more likely that Siri or “Find My” will include Siri Remote. On the other hand, when the Siri Remote was announced at the event the other day, there was no introduction to sound a “buzzer” so that users could find it.

Prior to its official announcement, the new remote was expected to be integrated with “Find” and probably embedded with a U1 chip to have similar functionality to AirTag. In particular, Bloomberg and others emphasized that the remote control is easy to lose, suggesting that it has a built-in U1 chip. However, in reality, Apple has not officially announced it, and the technical specifications page of Siri Remote does not mention such a function.

However, there are various levels of “searching” for accessories. Although AirPods is also a target of “search”, it is only possible to confirm the location where the location information was finally confirmed (connected to an online iPhone, iPad, etc.), and it is a “search” network like AirTag. It is not possible to communicate. Similarly, the Siri Remote remote could just show or make a sound when it was last connected to the Apple TV.

Also, according to the US 9to5Mac that reported this function, such behavior did not occur before iOS 14.4. In other words, it seems certain that it was newly added in iOS 14.5. It’s possible that Apple has some sort of surprise, or that it was under development but couldn’t be used with the current generation of remote controls, and that the remnants could only be confirmed by Siri.

By the way, Siri also hit the event on April 20th the other day, and it is also called “the most accurate leaker”.

Of all the home appliances, the TV remote control is especially easy to lose sight of, and it would be greatly appreciated if you could support the “Search” app. TVs such as Samsung may eventually have built-in UWB (ultra-wideband) chips such as AirTag and Galaxy SmartTag +.



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