One of the most successful products on the market today, XNUMX, is the smart speaker product, which is expected to continue to evolve in the near future. Apple has a bigger HomePod Currently continuing the successful HomePod mini.

Another XNUMX question that many users ask themselves after the launch of the HomePod mini is that Apple can launch XNUMX of these smart speakers with an external battery. This means you can take your speaker with you wherever you go or you don’t have to connect it to the main. To make this work. Mark Gurman reappears in the warning in his newsletter. Apple is working on prototypes of battery-powered speakers, but personally I don’t think these speakers will be on the market.

Can you imagine a HomePod with an external battery?

You can certainly see a prototype of a smart speaker with an external battery on the table of engineers at Cupertino headquarters, but how interesting is the HomePod with an internal battery? And perhaps not all smart speakers need to have an external battery that can be carried anywhere. Wi-Fi connection is required for these smart speaker tasks Therefore, if you leave your home or office, you will be excluded from them.

Perhaps there are complaints about battery life and other issues such as weight, dust and water resistance … In short, if Apple launches a smart speaker with an external battery, it’s more of a complaint than an advantage. I’m sure there are many. Obviously, there will be many users who defend this portability and actually appreciate it.It may be According to Garman, this portable smart speaker will soon be unavailable.