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“Can you speak? Hmm… ” Mirage, Park Myung-soo’s position after a major accident on radio

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Comedian Mirage has expressed his position on the controversy over radio mistakes.

On the 24th, Newsen reported that Mirage’s agency, S-Dream ENT, said, “I have nothing to say” about the controversy over Mirage’s radio mistakes.

KBS Cool FM ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’

Earlier, Mirage appeared on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show’, which aired on the same day, and was at the center of the controversy by pouring out profanity and obscenity for an hour.

At that time, Mirage made radical remarks such as “It was obvious”, “I smoke an e-cigarette,” and “Park So-hyun was shaking his limbs because he was afraid I would make a mistake on the radio live broadcast.”

There were also sexual comments. He also spread obscene rumors such as “I like to taste food and men a little bit differently”, “I had my first kiss in the car with my husband, and the car shook”.

Even veteran Park Myung-soo is terrified… Today (24th), an unfamiliar broadcast accident occurred. Park Myung-soo, a comedian who appeared as a guest on the radio, Mirage

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Even with Park Myung-soo’s restraint, he did not stop. At the end of the broadcast, Mirage shouted, “I really want to say this. People who say I’m pig, fat, or what kind of X are okay, but there are people who say I’m cocky toward Park Myung-soo. Please don’t misunderstand me.”

The listeners who were listening to this live broadcast said, “I’m very anxious”, “It doesn’t seem to fit with public broadcasting”, “I can’t tell if it is a public service or an Internet broadcast”, “How do you swear on the radio?”, “Too much It’s embarrassing.”


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