Canadian fighters try to make their mark as UFC goes down in Ottawa

It is a golden opportunity for Elias Theodorou.

The Toronto takes an American weight to Derek Brunson from America in the main event at UFC TV at Canada Country Center on Saturday night. Theodorou could play a win in the top 10 in his weight class.

“I celebrated my fifth year in the UFC so it's very exciting. I didn't step into a mixed martial arts gym until I was 21 and now in less than 10 years I could break the top 10, ”said Theodorou, Canada's first winning“ The Ultimate Fighter ”in 2014.

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“I feel great where I am and the aspect of hitting that 10-year mark, getting the 10,000 hours, I feel better than ever. If you look at it, this is my 20th professional fight (it's 17-2 and it won the final three fights) and the aspect of being a veteran means that you have enough experience. Here is the best training camp of my life. ”

Theodorou is in charge of a major Canadian event in the card in the capital of the country.

Headlines were announced for UFC Combat Night in Ottawa

Brad Katona Winnipeg, another Canadian winner is “The Ultimate Fighter,” in front of American Merab Dvalishvili.

TUF winner 2018 winner is not in nine professional points.

“When I was five, I was very happy with the Power Rangers and so I went into karate and I decided if I did anything then I wanted to do it as well as I can , ”Katona, 27, said.

Katona was a black zone under the age of 14. He was Manitoba's chess champion and has a mechanical engineering degree from the University of Manitoba.

Katona moved to Ireland in 2017 to employ her MMA vessel under John Kavanagh, of whom Conor McGregor is one of his students.

Conor McGregor is under investigation on sexual assault in Ireland

“I was there a month, and then I was called‘ The Ultimate Fighter. 'You make that great commitment to move and then things start to happen. I moved in November 2017 and by January 2018 I was in The Ultimate Fighter House and then July was the finale (in Las Vegas), ”said Katona.

“Opportunities have emerged since then.”

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Speaking of opportunities, Marc-Andre Barriault from Quebec City will be making his first UFC against Andrew Sanchez's New Jersey weight.

“I was a champion at TKO (MMA), a champion in the average weight and lightweight sections and I have a record of 11 victories and a loss of eight collisions which gave me the chance to get the attention of the UFC,” said Barriault, it feels that it represents a new wave of Quebec fighters.

“Some of our oldest fighters have retired as Georges (St-Pierre), Patrick Cote, so I have been part of the revival of 2.0 of these athletes.”

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There are eleven Canadians on the card, including Sarah Moras from Kelowna, B.C. There are Moras in front of Macy Chiasson from New Orleans.

“I went into sport when I was 18 years old because I wanted to go in shape,” Moras said. “I wanted to be a forest firefighter but I was too young to apply and I thought I was in shape. The first class I went to was jiu-jitsu and this gave me a love of Day 1.

“I'm not interested in doing that anymore. I just want to fight. ”


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