“Canadian soccer legend’ with ‘women’s items’ stuck in his nose…”Best player, best moment” – The Herald Economy

Willingness to play despite injury

Canadian soccer player Ativa Hutchinson received first aid with women’s products. [SNS캡처]

[헤럴드경제=이원율 기자]On the 27th (local time), a scene unfolded that shocked football fans in the second leg of Group F of the Qatar 2022 World Cup held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar. Canada’s national team captain, Ativa Hutchinson (39) suffered an injury in the second half and put something in her nose while playing.

Alfonso Davies (Bayer Munich) from Canada scored a goal 67 seconds into the game. However, Croatia fumbled the net on 4th down and lost 1-4. Canada were confirmed as the second team to be eliminated from the tournament’s group stage, following host nation Qatar.

Hutchinson, not the Croatian player, got the most attention in this game. Hutchinson suffered a bleeding injury during the second half. The veteran midfielder had a strong will to play. In the end, the Canadian medical team covered Hutchinson’s nose with feminine products to stop the bleeding. This appearance spread through social networking services (SNS). The Daily Mail, which is a British daily, said, “Hutchinson’s decision to wear a women’s item on his nose during the World Cup match caused a lot of fun on social media.” Mr. said Britain’s The Sun said, “Hutchinson went berserk on social media for running with feminine products on her nose.”

Qatar 2022 World Cup Group F match between Croatia and Canada held at the Khalifa International Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 27th (local time). Croatia’s Josip Yuranovic is blocked by the cooperative defense of Canada’s Kermal Miller (from left), Ativa Hutchinson and Stephen Vittoria. [연합]

Netizens were also impressed by this. “Have you ever seen a man running with a female accessory up his nose? What am I looking at?”, “Are you sure you just saw a player on Team Canada with a female accessory up his nose? ” “The best player I have played with”, “Hutchinson sticking a woman’s item up his nose could be the best moment in the World Cup so far”, and so on.

At the age of 39 years and 294 days, Hutchinson, who played in his first World Cup, set a record as the oldest player in the World Cup. Playing against Croatia, Hutchinson became the first player in Canadian soccer history to join the Century Club, where he played 100 A games.

Hutchinson has been playing for Besiktas since 2013 after making his professional debut in the Canadian league and then going through the Swedish, Danish and Dutch leagues. In the world of Canadian football, he is known as a ‘living legend’.

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