Candidate Cheol-Woo Lee, “We need to deploy extra-large helicopters”… Uljin wildfire site visit

Candidate Cheol-Woo Lee of Gyeongbuk Governor Visits Uljin Forest Fire Command Headquarters

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(Uljin = Yonhap News) Reporter Lee Seung-hyung = People’s Power Gyeongbuk Provincial Governor Lee Cheol-woo said, “We need to take fundamental measures against forest fires. .

Candidate Lee checked the situation of the Uljin wildfire in real time during the election campaign on the 28th, and at 8:30 pm, when the third stage of the forest fire was issued and residents were evacuated, he visited the on-site command center and checked the situation of the fire.

Candidate Lee said, “I would like to express my deepest condolences to the residents who have been affected by this forest fire.

He also said, “I am sorry that the wildfire occurred again before the wounds of the Uljin wildfire that occurred in March had healed,” he said.

For a safe and sustainable city in this election, Candidate Lee made a pledge to promote a smart and safe city for residents to feel, strengthen the ability to respond to wildfires, and deploy the Fire Rescue Team to Ulleungdo in the Pan-East Sea area.

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