‘Candidate tax’ PAOK Dayoung Lee, two reasons to go to Romania…’Director and salary’


[마이데일리 = 이석희 기자]Athletes have a so-called ‘compatibility’. In other words, there has to be a good match between the coach and the players. If this match does not match, the players are really suffering. Annoying. I want to leave the team.

In particular, if the player thinks that he is being harmed by the coach’s unilateral decision, he can literally say, ‘If you don’t like me, you have to leave.’

Perhaps Da-young Lee, who is playing for PAOK in the Greek A1 League, feels that way right now. Dayoung Lee’s team, PAOK, had a set score of 1-3 (25-17 22-25 17-) in the first leg of the 2021-2022 Greek women’s professional volleyball A1 League play-off match against AEK Athena held in Athens, Greece on the 15th (Korean time). 25 17-25).

You can lose the game. No matter how much the 3rd place PAOK and 6th place AEK team play, there is no rule that PAOK always wins.

However, if there is a manager who runs the game while appointing candidates without the main player in the playoffs that conclude the year’s farming, players have no choice but to do so. All sports must be won once. So, we had to use all the available players to win, but the manager put the players in on the contrary.

PAOK coach Marco Fernoglio tried to win with the starting pitcher sitting on the bench. In this game, Dayoung Lee, the team’s main setter, kept the bench.

On the other hand, the candidate setter Elisabeth Iliolulu was hired. The intention of the director is not known precisely, but to some extent, it is noticeable. I don’t like Lee Da-young.

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Manager Marco’s ‘intentional use’ of Lee Da-young was already noticeable from the middle of the season. Former coach Taquis Floros hired Ida Young based only on his skills.

On October 21 last year, ahead of the league’s strongest match against Olympiacos, manager Floris brought in a 3-0 victory over Olympiacos by introducing Da-young Lee, who had only arrived in Greece for three days and had not been able to properly match hands and feet. Olympiacos suffered their first defeat in two years.

But last December, PAOK signed Marco. Since then, Dayoung Lee has been in a position to guard the bench from time to time.

Then, why did coach Marco put a candidate in an important match instead of Dayoung Lee? According to a correspondent for MyDaily, Marco has a unique set of criteria for player selection.

In the Greek league, 3 foreign players (with 4 players) can play. Coach Marco wants to have all three players as strikers. Coach Marco thinks that the setter should be taken by a Greek and lead him for the long term.

understandable to some extent. It is judged that it will take a long time to reorganize the team if Lee Da-young, a foreign player, is used as the main setter of the team and Lee Da-young transfers. So, instead of Dayoung Lee, Illiolulu, who is from Greece, continued to be hired.

Another thing that can be inferred is the report of the Greek media. Ahead of the important playoff, Greece Poston Sports reported the transfer of Da-young Lee.

In particular, it was reported that the manager of Olympiacos, a strong rival of the league, would transfer Dayoung Lee to Romania.

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Obviously, the PAOK club would have come across this article and listened to the manager’s ears. It is already almost certain that Dayoung Lee will leave for the Romanian League.

From the manager’s point of view, he would not have been able to entrust the team to Lee Da-young, since he saw reports that ‘my little’ Lee Da-young was transferring to a different team with his rival manager even though he was in the season.

Conversely, from the standpoint of Da-young Lee, it can be said that she had no choice but to leave PAOK and move to Romania. The manager can’t help but dissatisfied with the manager’s tactic of appointing a candidate instead of himself, who is far superior in skill.

In addition, the Rapid Bucharest team, which is scheduled to be transferred, acknowledges Da-Young’s skills and gives him an annual salary of two or three times that of PAOK.


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