“Candy” was shocked to see “Bum” sleeping in the ICU room, begging her mother not to be stubborn. to rest

Another encouragement, “Candy Rakkaen” received a shocking picture of “Bum Panadda” sleeping in the ICU room, begging her mother not to be stubborn. to rest Ready to go to work instead of every parallel – every branch

It can be said that it has received overwhelming support and concern from friends, brothers and sisters in the industry and fans. For presenters and talented young actresses “Bum Panadda Wongpudee” after “Nong Andaman” The beloved daughter revealed a picture of her mother lying in the ICU room with a request for a day off from work before giving her fans an update on Mae Dum’s condition. He was constantly informed through his personal Instagram. Which there are many people waiting to comment to encourage the young lady continually

“Nong Andaman” reveals a picture of “Bum” entering the ICU room and reveals that her mother asked for a day off from work

This is the feeling. “Pang Ornjira” reveals a warm picture with the parents and children’s faces. after the birth of the first daughter

“Kung Ploy” ajar, good news, her ex-husband asked her to meet “Nong Wiji” once a week.

“Eve” is pleased with “Ton Termsak” ordained as a charity for “Father Toi” and his family

as well as a female singer “Candy Rakkaen” At the latest (December 6, 2021) has revealed a clip of “Bum Panadda” add personal instagram While recording a clip of himself in the ICU with the reveal that “Usually, they don’t take pictures of patients, but here, the patient takes it herself, it’s probably okay, right? In the ICU room, all the machines are full. There is a measure in the heart I’ll come back and review it for you, so you don’t have to ask in the ICU.”

At the same time, the Candy girl also revealed her heart after seeing a picture of a bum girl sleeping in the ICU room saying… “So shocked to see the first picture. But I know that someday, the stronger this person must have some blackouts Because 24 hours a day, the mother has been working + helping society for 20 hours, playing with the child for 2 hours, sleeping for 2 hours. Now the doctor would have forced the mother to take some rest. Mom must not be stubborn. To sleep, I need some sleep. If you have to take a break, you need to rest sometime..don’t worry about this job..there are many people ready to fight for mom, every parallel, every branch..don’t be stubborn. (Use the words that my mother used to tell me) is that Mae Bum is the most beautiful sick person in the world. #Get well soon our SUPER WOMAN #organization do good.”

which this event has fans came to send encouragement and bless the girl Bum quickly recovered together quite overwhelming

Thanks Instagram : kandyrakkaen , boompanadda

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