Cannot give birth to a son 2 Bao’s mother fell to death of an 8-month-old baby girl to vent her anger: in-laws are not good to me | International | CTWANT

A Chinese mother gave birth to two daughters and was treated harshly by her in-laws. (Schematic/Retrieved from Pixabay)

Too cruel! A Chinese mother surnamed Xu gave birth to two daughters, and her parents-in-law treated her patriarchally over daughters. She had troubles and couldn’t tell. So she vented her anger on her 8-month-old daughter and bit her after breastfeeding. There were more than 20 places all over his body, and he grabbed his legs and fell to the head of the bed. When the husband returned home, the little daughter had no signs of life. Later, the mother was arrested, and the verdict came out recently.

According to “Jupai News”, a 31-year-old Xu woman from Lanzhou City, Gansu Province was married for 6 years and gave birth to two daughters, 4 and 8 months old. She breastfeeded her little daughter at home on April 9 this year. After the feeding, the more I thought about getting angry, “Because I didn’t have a son, my parents-in-law treated me badly, and I didn’t care about the children. My life was very difficult, so I didn’t want to live anymore.” Angrily turned his face towards the little daughter’s left face. After fanning a few times, he bit the child everywhere, even grabbed the little daughter’s legs and fell on the bed, causing the head to hit the wooden bed.

Xu Nu vented her anger on her 8-month-old daughter.  (Schematic/Retrieved from Pixabay)
Xu Nu vented her anger on her 8-month-old daughter. (Schematic/Retrieved from Pixabay)

After Xu Nu’s anger disappeared, she put her little daughter back to bed and covered her with a blanket until the kindergarten teacher informed her husband that no one would pick up the elder daughter from school. The husband rushed home and found that the little daughter was breathless. After identification, the baby girl was hit by an external force, causing her left face to collide with a blunt object, the gastric contents refluxed and led to death due to inhalation asphyxiation, and subcobweb hemorrhage accelerated the death process.

It is understood that the relationship between Xu Nu and her husband is normal. They quarrel and fight. The mother-in-law is more nagging, and the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has not been good. Some people have revealed that Xu Nu has some mental problems. She is usually very sloppy. According to her temperament, “When you are in a good mood, you will love your children more, and when you are in a bad mood, you will ignore it.”

The court heard that this case was caused by a family conflict. The defendant Xu woman committed the crime of intentional injury, but with the understanding of other family members, she could be given a lighter punishment and sentenced to 15 years in prison. After the news came to light, it sparked heated discussions. Netizens said, “Bullying is afraid of hardships, and if I don’t dare to attack my in-laws, I use my daughter as a punching bag”, “The victim has become the perpetrator, and everyone is guilty”, “What kind of mother is this? “The little girl is really pitiful”, “What did the kid do wrong?”



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