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Thiruvananthapuram – Srivaraham resident Anup, who won the first prize of Thiruvonam Bumper, the first prize of Rs 25 crore, said he was happy when he won the lottery, but now he cannot even go out with a mask. Anoop’s response is via video message. Anoop said that he has not received the prize money yet and now he has to move house. TJ ticket 750605 was hit. The draw was on Sunday.

Reply Anoop

“I was very happy when I won the lottery. I was too happy to hold back. But now the situation is changing day by day. Can’t go out, can’t go anywhere. Standing in every house every day. People come to search every house. He will ask for help in the morning. I have only one thing to say to everyone, I have not received the money yet. No matter how much they say, people don’t believe. The baby is sick. They can’t even take him to the hospital. Now, even as he speaks in the video, people come and seize him at the gate.

It’s been two months since I went to work because of shortness of breath. I have not received the money for winning the lottery. Everyone should understand this. Even if I get it, I can’t do anything now. Don’t know anything about taxation. I am a normal person. One can only listen to what the knowledgeable say and act accordingly. Nothing is done with lottery money for two years. It is decided to put it in the bank account. Then do something. I have nothing to do with anyone going to battle over this.

I want to understand my situation. Seeing the crowd, the noise and the cameras was such a pleasure. Now the house is in move-in condition. I can’t go into my own house. Even the people next door became enemies. There have always been enemies. Now more enemies are coming. He shouldn’t have had so much money. It was enough to win the third prize. Want to help everyone. What the media is not told is that if you tell one channel, other channels will keep coming. It is not even possible to go out wearing a mask.

English Summary: Onam Bumper Lottery Winner Anoop about Bumper Prize

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