‘Can’t kill the poor, Putin is crazy’: Russian rapper commits suicide

New Delhi: Russian rapper commits suicide saying he cannot fight Ukraine Ivan Vitalevich Petunin, known as Vaki, committed suicide. Ivan jumped from the top of a tall building on Friday. Suicide said that he is not ready to kill anyone for ideals. The rappers were ordered by President Vladimir Putin to lead the war against Ukraine. This is followed by Ivan’s suicide.

Ivan’s death was confirmed by his girlfriend and his mother. Shortly before committing suicide, he filmed a video about his suicide and released it on his own Telegram channel.

‘I won’t be alive when you watch this video. I do not like to carry the sin of murder in my soul. I don’t want to do that. I am not ready to kill for any ideal. Killing someone in battle or not is something I cannot do. My loved ones must forgive me. But sometimes you can choose death for your ideals. My final decision is how I want to die. “I can’t stand Putin’s madness,” Ivan said in his video.

Ivan has 40,000 listeners a month on Spotify. Ivan Neurotoxin’s song has been listened to over two million times. Evan has been releasing music since 2013. Ivan had previously served in the army.

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