Can’t you see the “Chinese look”? BTS’s ‘Lunar New Year’ written in English, not Chinese style, Korean style International news photo: AFPBB News

BTS Lunar New Year Greetings (photo = YouTube channel) (c) MONEYTODAY

[Ionawr 23, KOREA WAVE]Popular Korean group “BTS” writes “Seollal” according to the Korean pronunciation for the notation “Lunar New Year”, and it became a hot topic in Korea.

Chinese-style “Spring Festival” and “Chinese new year” are widely used in English notation for Lunar New Year.

BTS wrote “Seollal” in Korean pronunciation instead of Chinese notation, so on the Korean Internet, “When idols looked at the appearance of China, BTS uploaded “Seollal” to the big topic.

He added, “My boss is a foreigner, but this year he greeted me with ‘Happy Seollal’, probably because of BTS. “Is it power?” and then responses.

Regarding the English notation of the Lunar New Year, a member of the popular Korean girl group “New Jeans” was criticized for writing the Lunar New Year as “Chinese new year” on the Internet, and it was immediately deleted.


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