CAPCOM CAFE Aeon Lake Town store “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” collaboration menu is open to the public! Posted: 2020/12/14 13:48[PR TIMES]

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During the period from December 18, 2020 (Friday) to January 28, 2021 (Thursday), at the Capcom Cafe Aeon Lake Town store in Aeon Lake Town kaze, the recently released “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” We will hold a collaboration with. This time, a part of the limited menu is open to the public! Details will be posted on the official website of “CAPCOM CAFE AEON Lake Town”, so please check it out!

■ “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” collaboration menu is open to the public!

1.「Bloody Palace BBQ Plate ~Vergil mode~」 1,580円+税
Get the SSS rank by conquering BBQ plates inspired by Vergil’s stylish action, seafood and snacks inspired by the enemies of Bloody Palace.
2. “Ciacco’s Pizza Hamburger ~ Dante mode ~” 1,580 yen + tax
Dante’s favorite pizza is now available as a hamburger. A gem that uses plenty of salami and cheese.
3. “V’s Book Chocolate Cake” 1,480 yen + tax
A chocolate cake inspired by V’s poetry collection.
Bitter taste with bitterness of chocolate and sourness of blueberries. It is a sweet that is perfect for recovering magical power.
4. 「Devil’s Perfect Chocolate ~ Nero mode ~」 1,280 円 + 税
The parfait menu is inspired by the demonized Nero, topped with candy-crafted wings, and has a bitter taste with plenty of coffee jelly and black chocolate.
5. “Dante” 880 yen + tax
It is a drink made with the motif of a cocktail called “El Diablo” which means devil.
It has a refreshing taste while imagining the color of Dante.
6. “Nero” 880 yen + tax
A non-alcoholic cocktail inspired by Nero.
The element of demonization is expressed by a diamond-shaped jelly. Finished in a vivid cup.

* In addition, we also have menus such as “Three Demon Curry Plate ~ V mode ~” (1,580 yen + tax), “Vergil’s Yamato Parfait” (1,280 yen + tax), and various drinks inspired by each character. I will. Please check the official page of Capcom Cafe for the details of the menu.

■ Trading muddler set is also on sale!

We will sell a set of “Trading Muddler” (8 types in total) for a drink price of +700 yen (excluding tax).
For customers who order the set, we will provide the corresponding character muddler as a drink at the time of provision.
At that time, we will randomly give you one new unopened item.

■ We present original novelty!
For those who ordered original food and sweets, we will present with a place mat, and for those who ordered original drinks, we will present with a coaster (1 out of 10 types at random).
In addition, if you use the cafe menu for 3,000 yen (tax included) or more, you will receive a bromide-style postcard.

▼ You can get a “placemat” by ordering original foods and sweets.

▼ When you order an original drink, you will receive one “coaster” (10 types in total) at random.

▼ Random gift of “Bromide-style postcard” when using the cafe menu is 3,000 yen (tax included) or more
* Please note that the distribution period varies depending on the design.

[December 18th (Friday) -December 31st (Thursday) distribution design (13 types in total)]

[January 1st (Friday) -January 11th (Monday: Holiday) distribution design (13 types in total)]

* From January 12th (Tuesday) to January 28th (Thursday), all 26 species will be randomly distributed.

■ Reservation system
At “Capcom Cafe”, we are accepting “online reservations” to prepare seats in advance. This will be accepted from the official website of “Capcom Cafe”. We look forward to your visit.
▼ Click here for reservation ▼

■ “Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition” collaboration outline ■
・ Store: CAPCOM CAFE Aeon Lake Town
・ Location: 4-2-2 Lake Town, Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture Aeon Lake Town kaze 3F
・ Business hours: Product sales 9: 00-22: 00 Eating and drinking 11: 00-22: 00 (LO21:00)
・ Inquiries: 048-967-5163
・ Period: December 18, 2020 (Friday) -January 28, 2021 (Thursday)
・ Official website:
・ Cafe official Twitter:
・ Cafe official Instagram:




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