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Capcombegan distributing “Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil Cloud” today, December 16th.

This work is a prelude to “Resident Evil Village Cloud”. The main character Ethan Winters who came to a mansion in Louisiana in search of news about his wife. He is caught by the crazy residents = the Baker family and takes part in the incident. Adopting an “isolated view” (first person perspective) that enhances the player’s sense of immersion, this work with a strong focus on “fear” is often called the scariest in the series.

In addition, “BIOHAZARD7 resident evil CLOUD Z version” currently on sale has the same game content as “BIOHAZARD7 resident evil cloud version” which can be played with the expired “180-day pass”. You can enjoy playing games without time limit while providing the cloud service.

Those who have purchased a “180-day pass” for “BIOHAZARD7 resident evil cloud version” can purchase “BIOHAZARD7 resident evil CLOUD Z version” for 1,995 yen (tax included) only for those 18 years and older .

Includes a wealth of additional content!
“Resident Evil 7” has produced a variety of paid and free additional content.
Includes additional content!


Victims who have visited the Baker residence so far, unknown chapters of the Baker family, and additional games ranging from funny to high difficulty are recorded.

Not a Hero

An episode where Chris Redfield pursues a key person in the case. It is a story that depicts the timeline after the end of the main story.


Episode that marks the end of “Resident Evil 7”.
Uncle Joe Baker fights to save the eldest daughter of the Baker family, “Zoe”.

Resident Evil 7 Resident Evil Cloud
Publication date: Published today (December 16, 2022)
Release model: Nintendo Switch
Suggested retail price: 3,990 yen (tax included)
■ CERO Rating: “D” (Recommended for ages 17 and older)


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