Capcom Unveils Exciting Details About ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ in TGS 2023 Broadcast

Capcom Reveals Details About Upcoming Action RPG ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’

As part of their participation in the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2023, Capcom recently hosted a special broadcast titled ‘TGS 2023 Capcom Online Programme’. Fans were particularly captivated by the unveiling of exciting system information about the highly anticipated open world action RPG, ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’.

Character Development and World View

In this exclusive presentation, ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ provided a comprehensive overview of its major character development, intricate world view, and engaging system. Players will have the option to choose from four primary occupations: Fighter, Mage, Thief, and Archer. Moreover, they will be able to freely switch between these occupations at the guild during gameplay. Each profession offers unique combat techniques, encompassing close combat, party support and healing, swift mobility, and long-range attacks.

Furthermore, ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ introduces higher-level job changes, surpassing the strength of regular job transitions. Two of these advanced job options were unveiled: the ‘Magic Swordsman’, which wields a combination of physical and magical attacks, and the ‘Magic Archer’, skilled in employing magic-infused arrows, wide-range assaults, and supporting allies. The game is also set to feature a plethora of additional job changes, adding depth and variety to players’ experiences.

The World and Combat System

The immersive world of ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ revolves around two distinct countries: ‘Vermund’, a human kingdom ruled by the awakened hero who vanquished the dragon, and ‘Batal’, a beast-dominated nation with its own unique culture, situated within the human territory. Each region within these countries boasts diverse environments and creatures, promising players an unprecedented sense of adventure depending on their chosen destination.

The game’s combat system offers thrilling battles that take advantage of various terrain features. Players can also team up with temporary NPC companions to overcome challenging encounters. Additionally, the ‘Dragon’s Dogma’ series introduces its trademark ‘hostage’ system, enabling players to take hostages during battles. Furthermore, the game will feature helpful artificial intelligence characters called ‘phones’, capable of providing assistance in various ways, such as guiding specific quests or aiding the protagonist in critical moments of combat.

Release Date and Platforms

‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ is set to be officially released on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. However, details regarding the release schedule have yet to be disclosed.

On the 21st, Capcom held a special broadcast called ‘TGS 2023 Capcom Online Programme’ to commemorate its participation in the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2023. While the presentation of the works shown at the TGS booth on site is continued, the new open world action RPG in development, ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’, attracted the attention of fans by revealing various system information of the new work.

In this special broadcast, ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ introduced the game’s major character development, world view, and parts of the system. First, there are four basic occupations that users can choose from: Fighter, Mage, Thief, and Archer, and they can change occupations freely through the guild during game play. Each has specialized combat methods, including close combat, party support and recovery, quick mobility, and long-range combat.
In addition, in the game, there are higher-level job changes that are stronger than regular job changes, and two types were introduced: the ‘Magic Swordsman’, which uses various physical and magic attacks at the same time, and the ‘Magic Archer’, good at using magic arrows, wide area attacks, and supporting allies. In addition to these, various job changes will appear in the game.

Parts of the worldview and combat system were also introduced. The main stage of ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ is two countries: ‘Vermund’, a human kingdom where the awakened person who defeated the dragon rules the country, and ‘Batal’, a country of beasts with their own culture in different areas of the human territory. appears. The explanation is that since each country’s region has different environments and monsters, a new sense of adventure is possible depending on the region.
The battle system included battles where various situations unfolded using various terrain features, cooperation with temporary NPC companions, and an introduction to the series’ traditional ‘hostage’ system. A ‘phone’ is a type of artificial intelligence character that helps users, and is expected to be multi-purpose, such as leading specific quests depending on the knowledge each phone has or assisting the main character with various actions depending on a situation the battle.

Meanwhile, ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2’ is scheduled to be officially released via PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC, and the release schedule is expected to be revealed later.

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