“Captain Bird” hijacked the state to heal the people of Chonburi after Prof. Raised the level of control.

“Captain Bird” urges the state to heal the people of Chonburi after Prof. Raises the level of strict control, recommends giving out Rapid Antigen Test for high-risk groups to screen out patients.

On July 18, Capt. Jongchai Wongsaithong or Captain Bird), the Chon Buri MPs, the Pracharath Party (PPC), spoke about the case of the CCC announced the expansion of the lockdown area. Additional down payment One of them includes Chonburi province that when the CCP has adjusted Chonburi province is the most restricted area and is as strict as the previous 10 provinces. What the government must do next It is a remedial measure for people affected by such measures, as has been received by people in 10 provinces previously. and asking all parties to cooperate in the fight against this epidemic without despair For real success by everyone being safe and getting good quality vaccines when the Prof. upgrades the province. Chonburi is already dark red. Remedy should follow as well. How have the 10 provinces been healed in the past? Chonburi should also receive

Capt. Jongchai also urged the government to control the price of Rapid Antigen Test after it was unlocked. Don’t let opportunists aggravate people during this critical situation. Or better yet, the state should organize a Rapid Antigen Test to distribute to all households at risk groups in order to isolate those infected from the general public faster. Ready to support the implementation of Home Isolation for those who do not have severe symptoms. whereby the state must provide a package of medicines to the patient at home To reduce the burden of medical personnel and reduce the number of patients waiting for bed Including the state must accelerate the allocation of quality vaccines as well. before the country’s health system collapses.


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