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Captain Thanawat opened his heart after the first goal led the U-23s to victory.

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“Kan” Thanawat Suongchitthavorn, captain of the U-23 Thai national team, was delighted to kill the first goal for the team above all else, which is the victory of the team. The game against Malaysia must do the best and collect the victory. “Gio” Chakkrit Palapol would like to give credit to all teammates.

Behind the scenes of the AFC U-23 Championship Qualifiers Group J in Mongolia, the second match on October 28, “Changsuek”, the Thai national team defeated Lao PDR 3-0, resulting in “Tap Chang Suek” has increased to 4 points from 2 matches, ranks 2nd in group J, receiving a 1 million baht injection from “Madam Pang” Nuanphan Lamsam as well.

After the game, “Kan” Thanawat Thungchitthavorn, the captain of the Thai U-23 national team, revealed after the end of the game, leading the team to a 3-0 win over Laos PDR, saying, “This game, the Thai national team played better than the day. meet Mongolia They play better as a team and are happy to be able to get 3 points.”

As for scoring the first goal on behalf of the national team, “Kan” Thanawat said, “I’m glad to score a goal because it’s good time to do it. But it’s not my only door. It’s the goal of the whole team. And the important thing is that we can successfully collect 3 points. For the final game against Malaysia I think that the style of play is not very different from Thailand. Try to play the ball on the ground as well. So I think it’s a fun game and I’ll try to get 3 points.”​

On the side of “Geo” Jakkrit Palaphon, an offensive line from Khon Kaen United of the Thai U-23 national team, who shot for the war elephant army, 1 pill in the game, defeated Laos 3-0 and was the second goal in the tournament as well. Revealed that “Today’s game admits that the first half was quite uncomfortable. Because we still haven’t played well with each other. There are still too many rhythms to be seen. As for the goals scored on behalf of the national team continued for the second game. Feel unlocked, but give credit to your teammates. helping to play Let’s do it until we get this door. Personally, I think there is still a lot that needs to be improved.”

As for the last game of the Thai national team with Malaysia, I can confirm that this game is definitely full. because everyone is confident Have seen some form of the Malaysian national team, have a ball, set the ball well, can’t be underestimated must complete However, leave Thai football fans to cheer up for the Thai national team as well.”

For the next match program of the Thai national team Under-23s at the 2022 Asian Championships qualifying round Group J in Ulaanbaatar. Mongolia, October 31, 2021. The Thai national team meets the Malaysian national team at 10.00 (Thai time) live on AIS PLAY and Channel One 31.

“Kun” Thanawat scored the first goal on behalf of the national team Raised to a victory for the whole team.

“Gio” Chakkrit Palapol revealed that he felt unlocked. Please give credit to your teammates. who help each other play fully

Highlights of the Thai national team thrashing Laos 3-0 in the Asian Football Championship Qualifiers Under 23 years old

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