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Private access token

In the latest video released by Apple,iOS16Can bypass CAPTCHAs (capture authentication, tests performed to verify human manipulation and input) with “Private access token(Private Access Token) ”will be newly available.

Make sure your device / Apple ID account is in good condition

There are various types of CAPTCHAs, such as selecting a specified object part from a single image divided into multiple sections, or selecting an image that fits a specific category from multiple images. It does exist, but you want to avoid it if you can avoid it, as it will interrupt your browsing experience.

Newly introduced by ApplePrivate access tokenIs a powerful alternative to identifying HTTP requests from legitimate devices and users without leaking their identities or personal information, ensuring that your device and Apple ID account are in good condition and the app. Or on the website.

Internet infrastructure companies such as Cloudfare and Fastly have already announced support for private access tokens.CAPTCHA detours are possibleIt is a prospect.

On by default in beta 1

To turn on your private access token, choose Apple ID> Password and Security> AutoAuthenticate in iOS16.

Auto-authentication is turned on by default in beta 1 of iOS 16 and iPad OS 16, and Apple says this feature is also supported on macOS Ventura.

Source:Apple via MacRumors

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