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Card Sandri visits Syria: Bringing the unity and care of the Pope-Vatican News

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Card Sandri, Minister of the Eastern Church of the Holy See, visited Catholic groups in war-torn areas in Syria from October 25 to November 3. The cardinal’s first stop is Damascus, and then he will travel to various locations to visit priests and priests, and meet members of NGOs and diplomats.

(Vatican News Network)Card Sandri, Minister of the Eastern Church of the Holy See, visited Syria on October 25 to get close to the suffering of the people. At the same time, he also inspected many local charity and aid work, and held ecumenical meetings and prayer gatherings. This trip was originally scheduled to take place in April 2020, but has been delayed due to the new crown epidemic. The contents of this trip will be made public on October 25, 2021.

The announcement stated that the Minister of the Holy See’s Eastern Church departed from Rome on October 25, with the blessing of the Father Pope, and under the coordination of the Holy See’s Embassy in Damascus, arrived at the first stop in Damascus that evening. The purpose of the cardinal’s trip is to “bring the care and unity of Pope Francis to the Syrian Catholic community, which has been tortured by war for many years and needs to be discerned and verified in the pastoral aspect.”

Card Sandri first met with the Syrian Catholic bishops and presided over the sacred liturgy with Youssef Absi, the Greek-Melkita Patriarch of Antioch. After that, the cardinal will meet with the priests of Melkitari in Damascus, Busra and Havdi, and visit Caritas Syria, St. Vincent’s Society, St. Paul’s Orphanage, Kakur Pharmacy, Italian and French hospitals, Institutions such as the Charity Society, as well as the Catholic Syrian, Chaldean and Armenian church groups. Card Sandri will meet with monks in Damascus and southern Syria, as well as a number of diplomats.

In addition, the Minister of the Eastern Church of the Holy See will also go to Tartus and Homs to visit the Catholic Syrian, Maronni and Melkita church groups, hold sacred ceremonies, and go to Jesuit Van der Luguet. (Frans Van Der Lugt) mourned the priest’s tomb and visited the cathedrals of the Syrian Orthodox Church and the Greek Orthodox Church. Then, the cardinal will go to Aleppo to hold a Thanksgiving service at the Catholic Latin Bishop’s House, meet with the monks, heads of charitable and charitable organizations, the priests of the city, and conduct religious conversation activities, as well as the Grand Duke’s prayer meeting. . Card Sandri will pray for a while in the cathedral of various Catholic ceremonies in the city. Bishops attending are from the Catholic Maronni, Melkita, Syrian, Armenian, Chaldean and Latin rites. After that, the cardinal will set off for Yebrud and Malula, where after a short stop, he will return to Rome via Damascus.

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