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Card Tagle introduces Mission Day: the joy of encountering God must be passed on to people-Vatican News

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Next Sunday, the 95th World Mission Day will be held. The Holy See Press Room will hold a press conference to introduce the general situation of missions in the world today.

(Vatican News Network) Preaching is an expression of gratitude and joy. It comes from the experience of feeling the love of God. All people who have received baptism are called to preach. On October 21st, Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, Minister of the Gospel Communication Department of the Holy See, introduced the 95th World Mission Day to be held next Sunday in the Holy See News Room. All dioceses around the world will have many activities. Celebrate this holiday. The theme of the Pope’s message for this World Mission Day is “We have to say what we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:20)

Card Tagle emphasized, “We cannot leave our encounter with God only to ourselves. He touched our hearts and did wonderful things.” We should share “the love we experience” as a gift to others. If we don’t share faith and keep it in a small group, it will become the business of the elite group and become weak. “The missionaries are inspired by the love of God to walk out of themselves and their fears and come to the marginal regions of geography and existence. They are based on one fundamental reason, that is, gratitude.”

The cardinal also reflected on the environment with a long tradition of Christianity, such as the situation of evangelization in Europe, which is now in a period of “Christianity faded.” The cardinal stated, “We need to pray first, because faith is the grace of the Holy Spirit. The gospel teaches us to love, including love in small daily actions and small things.”

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In his speech, Archbishop Giampietro Dal Toso, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Evangelism and Chairman of the Pontifical Mission Society, emphasized the importance of the spread of the gospel through encounters between people. Therefore, we must attach importance to the introduction of Christianity. Itinerary of the matter. The archbishop also mentioned several important anniversaries related to the missionary world in 2022: the 400th anniversary of the establishment of the Ministry of Communication, the first missionary society, the 200th anniversary of the establishment of the Pontifical Missionary Society, and the promotion of 3 societies to pontiffs. The 100th anniversary of the Association.

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