Cardinal Krajevsky Blesses Center for Mothers, Children, and Needy in Ukraine Amidst War and Pandemic

Cardinal Krajewski Blesses New Center for the Needy in Ukraine

(Vatican News) In a profound display of compassion and dedication, Cardinal Krajevsky, director of the Episcopal Soup, returned to Ukraine to bless a newly inaugurated center for mothers, children, and those in need. The reception home, located near the war-torn border with Russia, serves as a refuge for individuals fleeing conflict zones.

The construction of this remarkable facility, which can accommodate up to 50 people at a time, was no easy feat. Its groundbreaking occurred amidst the challenges posed by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the intensified hostilities witnessed during the war. Nonetheless, thanks to the unwavering support of numerous benefactors, including Pope Francis himself, the reception home became a reality. Its establishment stands as a testament to the power of collective goodwill and unwavering perseverance.

Expressing his deep commitment to serving those in need, Cardinal Krajewski emphasized the Gospel’s teachings and the example set by Jesus Himself. Just as Christ tirelessly sought out the suffering and the destitute, so too does this house of hospitality embrace its mission to extend compassion and aid. Despite the incessant sound of sirens, the center remains steadfast in its dedication to this divine duty.

A Safe Haven in Lviv

Located 80 kilometers from the Polish border, the choice to establish the reception home in Lviv was motivated by the large number of refugees present in the area. These individuals, reluctant to leave their homeland, find solace and security within the welcoming arms of the center. Here, they patiently await the day when they can return to their country, knowing that their presence is valued and cherished.

Following the inauguration, Cardinal Krajevsky and the Nuncio of the Holy See to Ukraine paid a visit to brave soldiers who had sought medical treatment in Lviv after retreating from the front lines. As representatives of the Holy Father, the cardinal sought to convey Pope Francis’ spiritual closeness and offered prayers of support and solidarity for their recovery.

The establishment of this reception home serves as a symbol of hope, resilience, and the enduring compassion of humanity. It stands as a testament to the tireless efforts of individuals who refuse to turn a blind eye to the suffering of others. Through the unifying force of good will, Cardinal Krajevsky and countless donors have created a sanctuary where those in desperate need can find solace, nourishment, and a renewed sense of dignity.


Cardinal Krajevsky, director of the Episcopal Soup, returned to Ukraine and blessed a center for mothers, children and the needy.

(Vatican News) Cardinal Krajewski, Officer of the Congregation for Charities, came to Ukraine again a few days ago and presided over the inauguration ceremony of a reception home. “This is a reception home for people fleeing war zones, especially those on the border with Russia,” said the cardinal. “The reception home was built at a very difficult time, because the ground-breaking work began during the COVID-19 pandemic and afterwards in The construction work continued during the war, with space for 50 people, who could spend’ r night and have meals there. In addition, there were showers for the poor and a large canteen.”

Cardinal Krajewski noted that the reception house was built “thanks to people of good will, starting with Pope Francis and many donors.” In such difficult times, despite the constant sound of sirens, this home of hospitality was built. When this is God’s work, it can always be completed. Cardinal Krajewski continued, “We open this house of hospitality in accordance with the teachings of the Gospel. Here, Jesus is the example, who from morning to night looks for the needy, the suffering, the people who need help.” We “can do good, so we do,” added the cardinal.

Cardinal Krajewski, Prefect of the Congregation for Charities, also explained that the reception home was built in Lviv, 80 kilometers from the Polish border, “because there are many refugees there and they are not willing to leave their country.” So we will stop in Lviv. The cardinal noted that this is because they feel safe here and can wait for the moment when they return to their homeland. The cardinal thanked God for being able to build a home of hospitality.

After Cardinal Krajevsky opened the reception, he and the Nuncio of the Holy See to Ukraine went to a hospital to visit soldiers who had retreated from the front line to Lviv for treatment. “We visit them in the name of our Holy Father,” said the cardinal, “We want to pray with them and be with them.”

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