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Pinelli, the Special Commissioner of Caritas International appointed by the Pope, announced the start of the reform work, which will continue until the General Assembly in May next year. A new management mechanism is expected to coordinate between the secretariat and the 162 national Caritas organisations.

(Vatican News Network) “humanitarian crisis, including the coronavirus pandemic, the war in Ukraine, the effects of climate change, and very serious and widespread food insecurity”, which forces Caritas International to strengthen its support to Caritas organizations in different countries, the it is “in our During our mandatory six-month term, we will establish new mechanisms for management and governance.” Dr Pier Francesco Pinelli explained the decision in a statement.He was appointed special commissioner of Caritas International by Pope Francis on 21 November, with the task of improving the mission of this charitable organization to serve the poorest and most needy in the world

“On the initiative and support of the Pope, we started working with our staff, regional secretariats and member organizations to promote and strengthen the mission of Caritas to serve the poorest and most vulnerable”. Pinelli emphasized that we started this way to lay the foundation for a renewal process that will continue until the General Assembly in May 2023. He mentioned that Caritas International is a federation of 162 national Caritas organizations whose itinerary includes the full participation of the regional secretariats and all Caritas organisations. Serving in more than 200 countries and regions around the world, these national Caritas organizations “do their best every day in their respective fields to respond to humanitarian crises and promote the overall development of human beings, especially the development of the weakest” .

Pinelli reiterated that the renewal of Caritas International is “part of the ecclesiastical reform that Pope Francis expects, including a review of all the organizations so that they can serve the mission of the Church decisively in accordance with their respective purposes”. Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle, who has a prominent role in the preparations for the Congress, called the Pope’s decree a call to “walk humbly with God” and “a process of discernment”. Pinelli concludes by writing that “Cardinal Tagle in particular will be responsible for the relationship with the local Church and the Caritas organizations of the countries. He is a point of reference in my work. His support will ensure the participation of all member organizations Caritas in this journey.” It’s very valuable.”

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