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Carlos Sainz disappointed with Netflix’s portrayal of Ferrari F1[F1-Gate .com]

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Ferrari F1 Carlos Sainz admits he was “disappointed” when he saw Netflix’s F1 documenter Drive to Survive series.

Recently, “Drive to Survive” has become a headline. While praised for contributing to F1’s popularity, especially in the United States, Max Verstappen refused to appear as the latest edition was “fabricated.”

“Sure, I’ve seen a lot of change in American fans’ follow-up on social media sports,” Carlos Sainz told GQ Magazine.

“Obviously, I think Netflix had the biggest impact on it. As a sport, we’re always in a relatively closed room, and Netflix has allowed fans in the US and around the world to see the individuality of the driver.”

But that doesn’t mean that Carlos Sainz supports the view of former teammate Max Verstappen that part of Netflix’s story is exaggerated.

“Season 3 episodes about Ferrari aren’t that great,” Carlos Sainz said of episode 4, “We need to talk about Ferrari.”

2020 is Ferrari’s worst season, portraying the collapse of the team’s relationship with Sebastian Vettel.

“Ferrari is a much cooler, bigger and much better team than it looks, so I was pretty disappointed when I saw it,” said Carlos Sainz.

“We were just overcoming difficult times. I think no matter how great a team in any sport is experiencing a difficult year, and now we are back.”

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