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Carlos Sainz “Lando Norris Leads McLaren F1 to the Top”[F1-Gate.com]

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Carlos Sainz of Ferrari F1 thinks former teammate Lando Norris, who signed a long-term contract with McLaren, is a driver who can lead McLaren to the “top” in F1.

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris, who teamed up at McLaren in 2019 and 2020, have pushed the sluggish McLaren to third place in the Constructors’ Championship, known as the closest partnership on the grid.

Carlos Sainz left McLaren at the end of last year to join Ferrari, but Lando Norris has maintained an impressive form and has won two podiums so far this season.

And on the weekend of the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, McLaren announced that it had signed a new multi-year contract with Land Morris. The contract remains with the team at least until the end of 2023.

Regarding Lando Norris’ new deal with McLaren F1, Carlos Sainz is confident that his former teammates will have the ability to bring McLaren to the top of F1 in the coming years, making Norris the best driver on the grid. I listed it as one of them.

“I think there are a lot of drivers out there today who are performing at a very similar level,” said Carlos Sainz.

“I want to include Rand in them. They are potential world champions and they just need the right machines to win.”

“Of course, we’re including ourselves, and maybe Charles (Leclerc) and many others. Unfortunately, the level of F1 is so high that we’re more capable of the team than what we can do. Depends on “.

“But I believe Rand has the potential to win and lead McLaren to the top.”

Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris finished second and third in the F1 Monaco Grand Prix, behind race winner Max Verstappen, all on the podium.

The average age of the three was 23 years, 11 months and 28 days, marking the third youngest podium in F1 history, following the 2019 F1 Brazilian Grand Prix and the 2008 F1 Italian Grand Prix.

Carlos Sainz feels that the results show that F1 “doesn’t have to worry about anything in the future” and focused on the small margin between the front runners on the grid.

“Overall, the level of drivers this year is very high,” said Carlos Sainz.

“Looking at the qualifying laps and checking everyone’s qualifying laps, not only for young drivers but also for people like Lewis (Hamilton), it’s an incredible level.”

“It’s nice to be able to share this grid with so many talented people and compare themselves with them to see how they can do it.”

“It’s good for a racing driver to feel that we need to constantly find new limits, unrivaled.”

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