Carnage Talks Returning From A Hiatus, Remembering Avicii & Mac Miller, and Future RARE

Carnage Talks Returning From A Hiatus, Remembering Avicii & Mac Miller, and Future RARE

2018 was a harsh year Carnage. Between losing Avicii and Mac Miller, both loyal friends of his, and seeing all the hate on social media on all sides, he decided there was quite a lot there and he took a lot off. Now in 2019, he wants to return one first into the garage (remission of the pound) and tapping tapping up.

First of all, however, he had to release a nice music video and feeling to “Letting People Go,” reiterating the steps taken by his family when they moved from Nicaragua, through Guatemala, and the US southern border as illegal immigrants. But now, Carnage has only a keeper for the rest of the year, plus some new upcoming shows and RARE hides.

Check out “Letting People Go” below, and read on to learn about the Carnage trail back to the public's success and hope.

It's great that you will be back in the game – surprisingly surprised at your decision to take a break from production and djing a few months ago, and the fans left a lot of questions. Why did you go on a hiatus?

You know, in this quick world we are living today that it is so hard to step back and say to yourself mé I am not doing too much. ' Because of that, I slowly noticed that I was putting myself in unhealthy and outer night environments all over the world. I was always in a creative block but I knew when I was having creative juices flowing to break I was getting myself a better place. It was about putting myself into practice, and caring for myself holistically. We saw all that happened to Tim, this is not a game, it is true. We all take care of ourselves and help each other. I woke up one morning and told myself that it was time, I earned a little free time. I was tired, sick, emotionally and mentally confused and this break I needed was to start ASAP.

He looked like Avicii & Mac Miller's death died that hit you pretty hard. How was your relationship with them?

As I just said, this sh * isn't a game. Tim & Son were two of my homosexuals. Everyone knew how close Mac was and I was about ‘Learn How to Make Watches' but Tim and I had a band man. These three were so creative, we had so many wonderful ideas. We would like to talk about music, culture, how we might change the world and then it was all taken from us, they were taken from us. A man is crazy, I lose them every day. RIP EQUIPMENT <3

You recently released ting Letting People ’recently, this is the most emotional and powerful release to date. What did the production process look like for this song? Any motivation?

LPG is undoubtedly my favorite release so far, the day I finished it in Thailand was truly incredible. It is one of those songs as you finish it as a producer and you can run a wave with you. This song is not a barrier to some of my other dance performances, as it is raw and emotional. As can be seen in the music video, this song belongs directly to my family… the song is dedicated to my grandmother. During my spare time, I had time to reflect on my roots, what I did, and how important I am to my family and how I must continue to provide them. My family did everything to give me a platform, and I had to make lots of decisions to do that, and this song is for them.

The music video is moving very well as it continues with the steps taken by your family as they move from Nicaragua, through Guatemala, and across the US southern border as illegal immigrants. What does this video mean for you?

As is said, this song is for my family and this is evidence of that. The purpose of the video was to show how crazy a trip my family made to give me this life. This video is so true for everyone who can get involved with family members. I see tweets and DMs are always found about how this video means so much to them and because of what this means for my fans, this 100x video becomes more important to me. As the first American American generation, my responsibility is to help those who are not fortunate and to go through legal hardship. I want to be a role model for everyone, but especially immigrants and next-generation Americans.

You know that you have some of the biggest collaborations in both EDM and Rap. In the past you have worked with Migos, Mac Miller, Steve Aoki, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Pump, Rich The Kid and many more. Any major features or clusters that come down the line?

So many large cranes coming up… but also fire! My next person has a biocidal element. 2 dudes found it is a stadium level actions in them, real talk. I look forward to artists as well as artists all the time when new ideas are born. If you were at my Exchange LA show [review here] you probably heard my new track with Shoreline Mafia, which I gave out as a special guest. I now have 5 or 6 heaters in the bank, all ready to go, and I'm really waiting for the right time to release them.

What is your position on SoundCloud?

6 years ago I reviewed Hardwell's Spaceman better and put it on SoundCloud and now has 30+ million views. Over the years, SoundCloud has been a powerful platform for so many new artists and I can now say with confidence that I would not be today. While platforms like Spotify and Apple Music are on the market I get so much dope up dancing and comers on SoundCloud that I'm turning out in my sets. Also, I can upload all my tracks to SoundCloud too as it's not too stupid. In addition, SoundCloud is the lowest editorial TOSAION ones from bedroom manufacturers worldwide… Those I need are!

The first step of your journey in Europe looked as well as an episode. We saw Drake you brought out in Amsterdam .. Twice? What are the highlights highlights from the trip?

Amsterdam will be legendary forever because my brother Drake, who said a lot.
However, Cyprus was the most turbulent of the shows. The show was held in Cyprus at Guaba Beach Bar, one of the largest centers ever. The electric crowd, the doors were opened at 10 AM and I went on at 7:30 pm AND I broke my hair videographers from… sorry Bryan!

Any major shows or major festivals are coming up in the United States.

Oh ya… I like 20 unannounced shows which I expect to find out as coming with RARE Fest and headline shows in some of my favorite cities. Till then – you can catch me around North America including at the Biggest Day ever in Brooklyn. After that I am going to Europe for round two. Going to be an epic summer!

In the past you have built 2 schools in Nicaragua. How is that going?

I am glad that you thank you. Both schools were very successful in something special that I am very proud of. In a few years the schools were able to help many children from my home country to be educated. In Nicaragua, if you have any real education, success will certainly be successful. Not everyone has that chance sadly.

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