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Carnival animated film “Stupid Bird Adventure” releases “newborn” stills, bravely growing home is the direction_TOM News

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The family carnival animation film “Stupid Bird Adventure” today released a set of stills with the theme of “new life”, showing the moment when Xiaoyi the plover bird broke the shell. The film tells the story of a newly born plover bird who failed to learn to fly due to the dangers encountered while practicing flying. He could only embark on a journey to Paradise Valley on foot. During the pursuit of natural enemies, it climbed over cliffs, over grass, and over The mountain has also grown into a braver self.

The stills released today show for the first time the warm moments of Xiaoyi’s family. Xiaoyi broke the eggshell in the expectation of his parents, and secretly observed the outside world from the gap. Its parents also looked at the newborn baby very tenderly. Yi, hold it carefully in the palm of your hand. From this series of stills, we can see that family affection is an important theme of the film. As a must-see film for family fun, family affection is the highlight of “Stupid Bird Adventure”.

In addition to the cute images that children are interested in, the film also shows the family relationship between parents and children through a suspenseful plot. The film has a lively story, a compact rhythm, and entertaining, which is very suitable for children to watch. Through the film, children can feel the parents’ patient teaching and selfless care for their children: the newly born plover Xiaoyi is like a newborn child, learning skills from his father and learning to survive from his mother. In the film, the plucky father’s spirit of fighting against danger in order to protect Xiao Yi is also very similar to the parents who shelter their children from the wind and rain in life. Through the film, the children can also feel the infinite power of home: there are many bumps in Xiao Yi’s growth, but he failed to learn how to fly, climbing snow-capped mountains, crossing cliffs, and even bravely confronting natural enemies, eagles, in order to reunite with his family. On the way, hardships aroused his courage and sense of responsibility, and “home” has been guiding its direction. Fresh character setting, child-friendly film theme, family care full of love and strength… I believe the film will definitely become a must-see for family watching movies during the summer vacation.

The family-friendly animated film “Stupid Bird Adventure” will be released nationwide on July 10, 2021. Accompany your children this holiday and take the first step of growing up together!



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