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Carpenter Healy’s determination to enter Korea Hanwha as a strong team

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[엑스포츠뉴스 조은혜 기자] Hanwha Eagles’ new foreign players, Ryan Carpenter and Lion Healey, entered Korea.

Carpenter and Healey entered Korea through Incheon International Airport on the 17th. Initially, Nick Kingham was scheduled to enter Korea on the same flight, but due to local administrative issues, entry was delayed and he is expected to return to Korea on the 18th. The three players will self-isolate in one place and join the spring camp starting on February 1 in Geoje, Gyeongnam.

Carpenter, who finished entering Korea that day, said,’I am so excited to finally come to Korea. I want to experience all the Korean culture. Because I only heard good stories about Korea, I am very excited about life in Korea.”

He continued, `I want to win as many games as possible by playing as many games as Hanwha’s starting pitcher this year. In addition, Hanwha expressed his determination that he wants to become a team that advances to fall baseball and make fans proud.

Healey said, “I am so excited to come to Korea. I hope that Corona 19 will calm down quickly so that all of our fans can come to the ballpark and feel the heat and shouts. While in Korea, I will always try to help the team in all directions. I hoped that Hanwha Eagles would become a strong team again.

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