Carry things to sleep in the tent! 4 thousand families in great distress Trang Uam floods in 6 districts Along the Trang River, continuous high water (clip)

Carry things to sleep in the tent! 4 thousand families in great distress Trang Uam floods in 6 districts Along the Trang River, the water is continuously high.

On December 4, 2020, the reporter reported the flood situation in 6 out of 10 districts of Tring Province, consisting of Na Yong District, Huai Yot District, Wang Wiset District, Ratsada District, Kantang District and the In many sub-districts, the water level remained stable The part in front of the Ratsada District Government Center And in front of Ratsada Hospital Which is an area that receives water from Thung Song District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province The water level has started to return to normal. After the rain stopped falling last night.

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Part at the intersection of Tha Pap Moo 7, Na Yong Tai Subdistrict, Muang District, the route to Phatthalung Province is still flooded with a height of 20-40 centimeters, 2 traffic lanes must be closed until this evening. If there is no wild water from the Banthat mountain range flowing down more But the area of ​​concern is the catchment area in Bang Rak Subdistrict, Mueang Trang District, which is adjacent to the Trang River. The water level continued to rise, with more than 300 houses in Moo 3,4,5 and Moo 6, Bangrak sub-district, the water level was 20-50 centimeters high, some villages flooded almost 2 meters high.

Since it is an area for receiving water in two ways: Water flowing from Na Yong District And the water that comes from Thung Song District Causing villagers to gradually move things to live tents at the Bang Rak Subdistrict Administrative Organization, organized for the third day by Mr. Niphan Sirithorn, Sor, District 1, Trang Province, Palang Pracharat Party Go into the area of ​​Moo 6, Bang Rak Subdistrict, boating to distribute things to the villagers. And the old man in his house To build morale as well

Trang floods

As for both primary and secondary schools today Trang Primary and Secondary Educational Service Area Office informed that There are 4 schools to close, namely Ratsada School, Samakkhi Suksa School, Huai Nang Rat Bamrung School and Ban Wang Lam School Which is in Ratsada District and Huai Yot District where Trang Province has flooded 6 districts, 25 sub-districts, 2 municipalities, 120 villages, 4,431 houses. No deaths. The flood situation is expected to return to normal within 2-3 days if there is no sea water support. Except in Bangrak sub-district, Muang district, which is still the last receiving area in Trang province.


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