Carrying a basket and surrendering, “Tak Lai Boy” gets drunk and punches “Sergeant Toh”. Chun doesn’t recognize his cousin. Social media captures the manager not to keep the dog

surrender A young man with a large tattoo all over his body. Punch the Sergeant Major of the Navy when bringing the family to dinner Chun was displeased with the parties who did not know the Commander. before repenting, claiming he was drunk without awareness carrying a basket of apologies Police charged with assault Social media seizes manager not to keep dog

Today (September 28) due to social media sharing a clip of a big boy According to the body, there are tattoos that attack the sailors. while eating in a restaurant in Sattahip area Why is this young soldier accused of not knowing the arsenal commander? Argued, the young sailor simply replied, “What are you going to do to me?” I respected the commander. Afterwards, the sailor was physically assaulted as the audio in the clip. The victim’s name was later identified as “Sergeant Topannathorn”, 22 years old, under the underwater weapons section, Torpedo Section, Naval Ordnance Section, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province

At 3 pm, a large man came and physically attacked Sergeant Topannathorn, aged 22, later known as Mr. Kritwit or Boy, aged 39, to meet. Investigators at Sattahip Police Station to acknowledge the allegations. “Base attack body” along with carrying a basket to apologize “Sergeant Topannathorn” by Mr Boy admits that the day of the incident was drunk, lack of awareness and remorse So come and apologize to Sergeant Topannathorn and the family Confirmed that the commander who was sitting at the board has banned itself. Also apologize to the association for the incident.

Sergeant Topannathorn said that He was not attracted to Please don’t mess with each other again. different people In matters of litigation, to be in accordance with the law. near Sattahip Police Station filed a complaint against Mr. Boyd Chaos and made a great comparison.

However, after the incident, why did the social media criticize the governor? in that clip don’t go in and stop the miscreants with a metaphor that “Commander releases the unchained dog” for the gangsters to physically attack the Prachatan class naval officers in front of their eyes the said naval officer Gellir considered as inferior as well.

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