Carrying PCs and peripherals Bags and cases that are convenient for traveling | NIKKEI STYLE

The “hybrid work” that combines work at work and working from home, which appeared in the new coronavirus disease, has also become widespread. I think that the frequency of carrying laptops (PCs) and stationery among business people is increasing. This time, we will introduce a case that is ideal for carrying PCs and peripherals used for work, and a small bag that is easy to use not only in the office but also in the summer outdoors and travel.

A two-room structure pen case that opens with a single touch

King Jim’s “CHEERS!” Is a stationery series featuring pop coloring and transparency. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is used as the material, so it is highly durable, and it is light, so it is easy to carry. There are clear files and notebooks in the “Cheers” series, but this “Cheers Twin Pen Case” is convenient for moving.

From the left of the photo, gray, kiiro, red

The “Cheers Twin Pen Case” has an epoch-making two-room structure, and you can put stationery separately. There are 5 colors in total, including gray, kiiro, and red, as well as new and green, which are close to white. The price is 1375 yen (tax included) for each color.

Cheers Twin Pen Case opens left and right

There are magnetic fasteners on the top and bottom of the main body, and it opens to the left and right with a single touch. The point is that it can be easily opened and closed without applying force. Normally, you should keep the upper and lower rooms attached with a magnet, and open them to the left and right when you want to take out the pen inside.

Cheers Twin Pen Case has a colorless and colored two-room structure

Another feature of this two-room structure is that each room is opened differently. The colorless room is a fastener type that can store small items such as sticky notes and glue. The other colored room is an open type without fasteners and is designed to make it easy to take out the pen. It is recommended to put small items in a colorless room and a pen in a colored room.

Can be used not only as a pen case but also as an accessory case

It has excellent storage capacity and has a large capacity that can hold about 30 pens. In addition to pens, you can also use it to insert masking tape, earphones, cables, etc., which tend to be cluttered. Because it is transparent, it is convenient to be able to check the contents at a glance. Also, these vinyl materials are cool and perfect for summer.