Cases of divorce are increasing in Saudi Arabia

Divorce cases are increasing in Saudi Arabia. Local Arab media reported that a divorce case was registered every ten minutes (Divorce cases on the rise in Saudi Arabia).

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According to the 2020 estimate of the Saudi Statistics Authority, 57,595 divorce cases were decided by the courts in different provinces of the country. This is 12.7 per cent higher than the number of divorce cases in 2019. In the 10 years between 2011 and 2021, a steady increase in divorce cases has been recorded every year. In 2010, 9,233 divorce cases were registered, while in 2011, it increased to 34,000. This has increased to 57,595 in 2020.

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According to this year’s figures, an average of 168 divorce cases are registered every 24 hours. It is estimated that there are many reasons for the increasing number of divorce cases. Advocate Dakhil Al Dakhil noted that the use of social media, the financial crisis and the post-Covid situation have all led to a breakdown in family relationships.

Story Highlights: Saudi Arabia reports an alarming rise in divorce rates

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