‘Casino’ Choi Min-sik, “Change with age?

Actor Choi Min-sik spoke fondly of Cha Moo-sik’s age-changing expression in ‘Casino’.

On the 24th, I met Choi Min-sik, the main actor of the Disney+ original series ‘Casino’, at a cafe lane in Samcheong-dong, Seoul.

‘Casino’ is a work that depicts the intense story of ‘Cha Moo-sik’, a man who became a casino legend in the Philippines with no money or money, and who begins to make his last bet on the brink of life as he is caught up. in a case of murder.

Choi Min-sik played the main character ‘Cha Moo-sik’. In particular, the sense of immersion in acting according to age change was evaluated perfectly enough to meet the expectations given by the title of returning to drama after 25 years.

Photo = Courtesy of The Walt Disney Company Korea

Choi Min-sik said, “It was completely difficult to change my outer image. I felt comfortable knowing that science and technology could help me (laughs).

Next, Choi Min-sik added, “Of course, I was worried about the looks, but I focused on Cha Moo-sik’s ‘ordinary’ character and thought freely about him. However, I hope that I won’t acting in flashbacks afterwards (laughs).”

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