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Advisor to the Casino Committee, ready to listen to all relevant parts believe push success may develop as a tourist center ensuring employment big money

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On 28 Dec. 2021 Mr. Thanakrit Phrommanee, Advisor to the Commission (KMUTT) Extraordinary Considering to study the opening of a comprehensive entertainment venue House of Representatives A Facebook post stated that need a gambling expert both online and offline entertainment specialist Massage parlors, nightclubs, pub bars, fine dining restaurants and recreational professionals. stock market specialist Valuables Specialist Fashion professionals and lawyers or anyone interested. Share your opinions, make suggestions and study on the pros and cons. of opening a comprehensive entertainment facility And the casino is legal with the committee. You can contact via message immediately.

For the working guidelines want to hear suggestions will be prepared in a variety of formats both organizing online seminars Open for comments and documented information. Including holding a seminar once a week before bringing all the conclusions and seminar information to the committee

Mr Thanakrit said that from having the opportunity to travel to the casino in many countries whether las vegas USA, Melbourne, Australia, South Korea, Malaysia, Macau and many other cities. What I noticed was the growth and the surrounding area. It will become a tourist attraction completely, including hotels, restaurants, shops selling various products. Points of sale for tourism programs, theaters, nightclubs

Believe that the money from the tourism center will be enormous. and think that there will be employment in various positions Certainly up to a million rates. Therefore, we strongly agree to push for the establishment of a tourism hub and a legal casino.


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