‘Casino’ Kang Yun-seong “The rapid development of season 2 was focused on the event, the point to watch is to collect the characters” [인터뷰M]

Director Kang Yoon-seong opened a new genre in the crime action genre by recording 6.88 million viewers and won the New Director Award at the 54th Baeksang Arts Awards and the New Director Award at the 23rd Chunsa Film Festival, capturing hot action and fast-paced development with the film ‘Criminal City’ For the first time, he directed and wrote the series. It’s a ‘Casino’.

The person who leads the story of ‘Casino’ is ‘Cha Mu-sik’, and this was completed as an irreplaceable character through the actor Choi Min-sik. There must be a reason why many people chose this work to see Choi Min-sik’s acting. Director Kang Yoon-seong said, “In the beginning, I started building a character called ‘Cha Moo-sik’ through interviews. I met someone who actually lived that kind of life, and added fiction to it to create an impressive picture of living a day as if there were no tomorrow. I did it as a man. I wrote it hoping it would be seen that way, but Choi Min-sik piled several parts in detail, and a unique character called ‘ Cha Moo-sik’ is complete.”

The reason why Choi Min-sik became a hot topic in this work is probably because of his youthful appearance with anti-aging technology. Director Kang Seong-yoon said, “Originally, de-aging technology is effective when used briefly. However, even though we said we would reduce it as much as possible, it was shown a lot. It was difficulties such as acting even when he was in a bad state due to being caught. Again, he came out well in the end, but Choi Min-sik had to act in order to explain how ‘Cha Moo-sik fell ‘, was the director of an English academy, into He added the reason for the rather lengthy de-aging scene.

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In addition, regarding Lee Kyu-hyung, who played the role of Choi Min-sik’s child, “In my eyes, Lee Kyu-hyung looked like Choi Min-sik in his youth. I thought a lot about him. “He said he had no choice but to express the character by moving a child actor who is difficult to call a child actor and de-aging technology as he is dragging the biography of a character called ‘Cha Moo-sik’. Along with Choi Min-sik, viewers were the biggest The expected performer was Son Seok-gu. Ever since Son Seok-gu, who became a star through ‘Criminal City 2’ and ‘My Liberation Diary’, said he would appear in ‘Casino’, viewers had high expectations for Son Seok-gu who speak english But surprisingly, Son Seok-gu finally appeared in episode 5 of season 1. Regarding Son Seok-gu’s late appearance, director Kang Yoon-seong said, “If you see this story as something that takes place in a casino, it was right for Son Seok-gu to appear quickly. The physiology of the casino and characters in the casino needed to be explained. As a result, he gradually appeared late.”iMBC Entertainment News Photo
Director Kang Yoon-seong, who showed up late but wanted to make it as cool as possible, said, “Actually, during the preparation, I had a lot of trouble because the character of ‘Oh Seung-hoon’, played by Son. Seok-gu, was not captured well. I was thinking of doing “”, but when Seok-gu’s Son was cast, I was able to set the direction. Son Seok-gu gave the opinion, ‘It would’ n nice if it was common a detective came to face the situation and grew up’, and I thought that opinion was more true, so I was able to make a local police officer more real. It was completed as a character. It did Son Seok-gu made many adjustments to the English script we prepared to his own taste, and a much more natural dialogue came out.”

Oh Dal-soo also appears in ‘Casino’. Director Kang Seong-yoon, who has always been a fan of Oh Dal-soo, said, “I wanted to work with him, so I gave him the script and wrote a letter asking him to appear. The moment he filmed his first acting scene , my heart was overjoyed. It was a very thrilling scene to be able to film it.” He also expressed his fan spirit.

Originally, director Kang Yun-seong was more prominent in the action or noir genre. However, in ‘Casino’ this time, the action portion has been greatly reduced. He said, “As I worked with good actors while working on this series, I realized that the conflict shown by brilliant acting has a stronger impact than the act of punching. I thought it would be better to portray the conflict by focusing on emotional acting rather than putting the action in the way of showing it, so I left a lot out.”

Director Kang Yoon-seong, who suffered a lot from the heat in the Philippines, said, “The weather was the hardest. In particular, the sugar field and the garbage yard suffered a lot because there was no place to shelter from the light.” the sun. The sunlight was so strong that the towel dried quickly.” He said, “However, the cooperation between the local people and the Philippine government office made it easy for us to shoot.” He thanked the local people for their help.

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The series ‘Casino’ was released in two seasons of eight episodes each. Regarding the reason for splitting the season, director Kang Yoon-seong said, “From the viewer’s point of view, I thought it would be unreasonable to receive 16 episodes at once, so I decided to strategically split them into 8 episodes and release them. them in 2 seasons. Just like Netflix, every episode is released at once. I thought it would be better to do that, but since it’s released once a week, it actually lasts longer in terms of timeliness. From the viewer’s point of view, waiting could be boring, but in the end, I think this way is more effective.” He expressed his satisfaction with the way Mann’s work had been revealed.

We are now about 15 weeks away from the release of season 2. We asked director Kang Yoon-seong, who had a lot of rice cakes in season 1, about the points to watch for in season 2. He said, “Arrest scene ‘Cha Moo-sik’ in Season 1 is the turning point of the story. I hope you look forward to why he is accused of murder and has to hold a press conference to pass this inflection point, they are going to another adventure. In season 2, the absolute antagonist of ‘Cha Moo-shik’ will be ‘Oh Seung-hoon.’ If season 1 was mostly about character explanations and space explanations, season 2 is a series of events. and quick interpersonal relationships come together.”

‘Casino’ depicts the intense story of a man who became a casino legend in the Philippines, ‘Chamoo-sik Cha’, who became a casino legend in the Philippines, is caught in a murder case and begins to make his last bet in the edge of his life. has revealed season 2 will release episodes 1-3 on February 15, followed by one episode every Wednesday at 5pm. ‘Casino’ is available on Disney+.

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