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CASIO Launches New JE-12E and DE-12E Series Ergonomic Computers

Today, many people use computers directly to make digital calculations, but traditional computers still have many loyal users. Among them, the famous brand Casio has not rested on its laurels, and has brought the new JE-12E and DE-12E series models that combine ergonomic design.. The only difference between the two models is the size of the buttons, both of which have a unique 3 degree slope design to the right, allowing for right-handers to operate the buttons arranged in steps while keeping their fingers naturally vertical, reducing the burden. on the hands. In the official test results, 83% of respondents agreed to effectively improve the user experience.

CASIO 手机最好人體工學路機機 JE-12E 及 DE-12E 系列

CASIO Launches New JE-12E and DE-12E Series Ergonomic Computers

JE-12E and DE-12E are available in black and white The bottom shell has a concave-convex corrugated finish to improve the hand feel and anti-slip effect.At the same time, the buttons are formed by two-color injection molding, which is not easy to fade and makes the computer more durable. In terms of specifications, JE-12E and DE-12E will have a lifespan of 7 years with the combined use of CR2025 button batteries with a solar power attachment. The two computers are priced at HK$399 and HK$499 respectively.

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