catch famous speakers Pyramid gangs trick members Escape the fraud case of 100 million people.

Arrested famous speaker ‘Maka Donawanik’, a gang of scammers tricked into finding members The inventor of the 100 project got a million, escaping the fraud case of many people in Chonburi. The police arrested the front of the famous school.

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On January 11, 65, Pol Maj Gen Theeradej Thammasutee, commander of the Police Station 2, together with Pol.Maj.Gen. Montree Teskan, commander-in-chief of the Police, ordered Lt. Col. Worapoj Rungkrachang, Superintendent of Police Station 2, Pol. Col. Manoch Wangsueksuk, Superintendent Pol.Lt. Col. Naramin Thepchakarin, Deputy Superintendent 1, Pol. Lt. Col. Ekorn Wannathong, Sor. Sor. Sor. 1, Pol. Col. Dejwut Utrasat, Investigator. 1 bureaucrat

Arrested Mr. Makha Donavanik, 70, a native of Surasak Subdistrict, Si Racha District, Chonburi Province, on an arrest warrant from the Chiang Mai Provincial Court No. J748/2564, dated 17 Nov. 64, saying that fraudulent people and borrowing money which is defrauding the people They were arrested in front of a hotel in Si Racha District, Chonburi Province.

Pol Maj Gen Theeradej revealed that the online patrol team, police investigation 2 and the Crime Suppression Division found that the person must be a person under an arrest warrant issued by the Chiang Mai Provincial Court on charges of defraud people and borrowing money which is defrauding the people to hide in the area of ​​Chonburi Province Until the suspect was found in front of the aforementioned hotel in Si Racha District, Chonburi Province, therefore came to show himself and read the arrest warrant.

During the arrest, Mr Makha admitted that is a person under an arrest warrant Claims that the case is linked from the Sunlight Banking Project case. The arrested testified that The offense was caused by the complainant who refused to comply with the rules, where one person had to find two additional clients in order to get money, claiming that this action was to help the poor people. ready to go and resolve the differences in court for the public to know before being sent to the investigation officer at Muang Chiang Mai Police Station for further prosecution

For Mr. Makha Donavanik is an inspirational person. Has a position as the chairman of the 100 million building project, the chairman of the Sun Bank project and others, is a famous speaker. an inspirational searcher Mr. Makha is a former architectural civil servant. Experienced in construction projects in Sriracha area, Chonburi province Become a role model for motivational speakers

A model that many famous speaker coaches have followed. The inventor of the 100 million project, the sunshine bank loan project. Sawasdee Thailand Project A money maker’s dream maker chain sharing system Be the first person to talk and do about digital money in Thailand.

from speakers and inspirational speakers Causing many people to be victimized by the phrase Maka Donavanik, the man (who will) change the world, who recently found that he was in the process of building a new project that was bigger than before. more members than before in the area of ​​Chonburi and Chiang Mai


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