70-year-old Zhang Jizhong is too energetic and hit again!The 31-year-old wife “has a bumpy belly” is rumored to be pregnant with three children in 4 years | ETtoday Starlight Cloud | ETtoday News Cloud

Reporter Huang Xufeng/Comprehensive Report The 70-year-old director Zhang Jizhong divorced his ex-wife in 2016 and immediately married the 31-year-old assistant Du Xinglin the following year, and welcomed the birth of two children one after another. However, the age gap between the two always became the focus of outside irony, but the sweet wife’s energy for […]

Signed an exclusive contract with Soyou’s new entertainment company Big Planet Maid

Singer Soyou announces a new start at Big Planet Made (BPM), a new entertainment company. On the 29th, Big Planet Maid CEO Choi Jae-ho said, “We recently signed an exclusive contract with Soyou. We successfully pushed the first button when we recruited vocalist Soyou as the first artist of Big Planet Maid.” He continued, “In […]