Caught a young thief who snatched a seller’s bag sitting in the back of a pickup truck Press money to buy gold, prepare to go home for the new year – fresh news

I didn’t get to go back to my hometown for the new year. Police raid a room to catch a young thief Preparing to pack Snatch the bag of the seller and put it in the car. Even though he was sitting in a bunch of vegetables at the back of the pickup truck Bring the documents to apply for a new ATM card. withdraw money to buy gold

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At 7:30 p.m. on December 28, 2021 Pol Col Kiattisak Mitprasat, Superintendent of Khlong Luang Police Station, Pol.Maj.Gen. Sirapop Bualuang, Senator of the House of Representatives, Pol.Lt.Col. Pongnopanon Rungroj, Deputy Senator. Along with police investigations at Khlong Luang Police Station together to arrest Miss Siriphon, 28 years old.

with a centerpiece of a red Honda MSX motorcycle, 2 mobile phones, a pink shoulder bag brown leather bag bank book Gold ornaments with 1 gold plated amulet, 1 bracelet, 1 gold ring, some cash Clothes to wear on the day of the accident

young thief

Col. Kiattisak revealed that This arrest was due to the fact that on Dec 25, at 2:05 p.m., the victim reported that a brown bag was placed inside a pickup truck parked in a parking lot at Talat Thai vegetable courtyard. The victim was sitting in a bunch of vegetables in the back of the car. Then it turns out that the villain had stolen it. Then bring the ATM card to withdraw more than 2 hundred thousand baht.

After the accident, Pol Maj. Gen. Sirapop led the investigative team to expedite the inspection of the CCTV until he realized that The perpetrator was Miss Siriphon, staying in a dormitory on Soi Rattana, Khlong Nueng sub-district, and was followed and caught while packing up and preparing to go back to the provinces.

” The day before the incident, the motorcycle was parked at the edge of the road before walking to look at the various cars. If any of the victims accidentally, they will steal immediately. After the attacker fled to the bank to request a new ATM card by submitting evidence of the victim to the authorities. claiming to be sick Then bring a new ATM card to withdraw money and go shopping. and gold necklaces to prepare for the journey home during the new year in Roi Et province The accused pleaded guilty, claiming to be unemployed and having informal debts.”

The officer then filed the charges Along with expanding investigations into where the incidents have been committed in order to pursue legal proceedings


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