Caught in “E-Tong”, a small boy drags the student on his lap on the side of the road Only claiming to ask for directions, not harassment

A small boy grabs a 13-year-old boy sitting on the side of the road. The Good Samaritan drives through to help take them home, and the police have recently caught him. Just claiming to ask for directions, not harassment

November 22, 2022. Progress in the case of the social media sharing clip of a private transport company employee. Posted a warning clip after riding a motorcycle to help a boy being dragged by a transgender who never knew her brother, sitting on his lap hoping to commit an indecent act until he survived and could send him back home in time to come from up to his grandmother With a message saying “Very sinful, even children are not saved. And if you go slower than this, what will happen to you? #Khon Kaen Alert” The incident happened on the side of Ban Nong Chik, Nong Waeng, Phra Yuen District in the afternoon of November 19, and the mother of a 13-year-old boy who was abducted filed a complaint with the police. Phrayuen

Most recently, last night (November 21, 2022), reporters reported that the investigative police officer of the Khon Kaen Provincial Police District Along with the police investigative series 4 and the investigation of the Phra Yuen Police Station came an arrest warrant to the Khon Kaen Provincial Court for charges of Committing an indecent act to a child under the age of 13 by using violent force Or because that child cannot resist, taking a child under the age of 15 for indecency, harassing others to do anything do not take any action by causing fear of harm to life, body, liberty or by the use of violent force until the person being raped must do so do not do so or admit to it and deprive children under 15 of their parents or guardians Taken into custody Mr Yutthaphong , alias Mr Ek Chaya E-Tong, aged 45, from Kranuan District, Khon Kaen Province, is the accused according to the arrest warrant shown in the clip.

They can be kept on the side of the road in the area of ​​Nong Bua Sub-District, Kosum Phisai District, Maha Sarakham Province, checking the motorcycle that Mr Ek drove. found many documents A large stack of 20-baht banknotes, said Mr Ek, ​​was the money he got from selling things and begging villagers. On the day of the incident, according to the clip, he asked for instructions and did not act in any way. Before taking him to the investigating officer, Phra Yuen Police Station, to question and prosecute the law. which details have not been disclosed. The researcher must wait for the query to be completed first and will continue to report