Caught it!! Young magician, thief, dog doesn’t bark, steals money from the devil’s mouth. almost got lynched

On December 3, 64 at 14.00, reporters reported that Due to the fact that on November 25, at Ban Tim Rattanaram Temple, Village No. 15, Sadao Yai Sub-district, Khukhan District, an assailant attacked a chedi containing relics. and stole a white cloth wrapped in a bone in an urn Collect money, coins, the ghost mouth is gone until it’s gone. Later, on November 29, the villain, who was expected to be the same person, smashed the urn compartment next to the temple wall until the entire area was destroyed. with pagoda at Ban Kwik Temple and Ban Sri Sa Chan Temple, Sadao Yai Subdistrict, Khukhan District, and also steal white cloth Including the money, the mouth of the devil coin escaped as well. The same incident occurred in several nearby temples in the area of ​​Phrai Bueng Police Station, Phrai Bueng District, Prue Yai Police Station, Khukhan District, Phu Sing Police Station, Phu Sing District and Khun Han Police Station, Khun Han District. as well, but still unable to apprehend the assailant to bring the prosecution; have ordered Police Colonel Pongthat Pimruang, Superintendent of Khukhan Police Station Expedite the investigation department to track down the culprit urgently. Because it was a case that caused a lot of shock to the people in the area.

The latest progress was made at 2:00 p.m. on December 3, Pol. Col. Pongthat Pimruang, Superintendent of Khukhan Police Station, together with Pol. Lt. Col. Santiphap Kantaphak, Deputy Superintendent. Investigation) Sor.Kukhan and Pol.Lt.Col. Chamnong Prasopsukmandee, Deputy Superintendent of the Khukhan Police Station Has gathered evidence from the investigative department until the culprit was recognized and filed a request for an arrest warrant at the Sisaket Provincial Court. which the Sisaket Provincial Court Has approved an arrest warrant No. Jor. 303/2564 dated December 3, 2021 arrested Mr. Kriengkrai or Petch Pinmanee, 25 years old, at house number 182, Village No. 4, Krawan Subdistrict, Khun Han District, Province. Sisaket on charges of misconduct burglary at night by harming the barriers for the protection of persons or property by using a vehicle to facilitate taking the property away or to get out of the arrest or take the thief Which has a penalty of imprisonment from 1 year to 7 years and a fine from 20,000 baht to 140,000 baht

in which the accused confessed throughout the allegations and admitting that the same offense has been committed many times in many areas by bringing the money from the mouth of the ghost that has been stolen to drop the Boonterm cabinet At the shop in the village to transfer money into their own True Wallet, the white cloth to be used to wrap the coins back only While making plans for the confession, a number of villagers gathered in chaos. The officers therefore rushed to halt the incident and rushed to send the investigating officer to prosecute the law.

According to the investigation, the police officers at Khukhan Police Station have jointly analyzed the behavior of the criminals according to the theory of behavioral science of the criminals. believe that the villain is someone outside the area and using the route of Highway No. 24 as the main way in the incident therefore have been monitoring all the time Later, there was a whistleblower informing him that the perpetrators of the incident Probably used a white Honda motorcycle, black alloy wheels, registration number only 905, so the investigation was continued. Until it was known that this culprit was Mr. Kriengkrai or Petch Pinmanee, 25 years old, whose house was in Khun Han district, Sisaket province, who used a motorcycle in such a way. and found that there had been a burglary in such a manner is the paranoia of the villagers in the area so much that it has the nickname “Phet Chiang Khan”

Previously, Mr. Kriengkrai had been electrocuted until he had to sleep as a sleeping prince in the hospital for months. return to aggressive behavior Not afraid of anything, like to steal, especially money from the devil’s mouth. village temple area by smashing the stupa Sweeping money from the ghost’s mouth to go around the temple until it got the nickname “Phet Chom Thief, the dog doesn’t bark” because when there is an incident, the dog in the temple or the dog in the village house never barked once Both the common temple dogs and the stray dogs in some villages are fierce. Villagers believed that it was a player.

In addition, in August last year, he also committed a robbery at Wat Khai Nikhom, Nikhom Phatthana Sub-district, Khukhan District, Sisaket Province. At Ban Non Sung Shop, Si Subdistrict, Khun Han District, Sisaket Province, to transfer money to their own True Wallet until the coin is full within one night When the shop owner brings the coins inside the Boonterm machine to exchange with the bank But the bank refused. Because the coin looks black and very old .


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