Caught, Mr Chai. Shot the owner of the injection shop guy. Fighting back, the gun fired at the wounded finger. angry at many debts

Caught, Mr Chai. Shot the owner of the injection shop guy. Fighting back, the gun fired at the wounded finger. angry at many debts

The police arrested the criminal and shot the woman who owned Guay Jub. After fighting the heart of the villain’s gun until it burst into the wounded ring finger Found a creditor who came to demand ten thousand baht in debt. While surveillance footage captured the incident at all during a gunfight, police filed five charges.

Progress on the case of an assailant walking in and shooting Miss Wipha Chaicharoenwattana, 45 years old, owner of a shop selling pork and fried pork and fried chicken, while preparing to open the shop at 7 am today. The incident happened at No. 35 Boon Sophon Road, Phangla Sub-District, Sadao District, Songkhla Province, located behind Khlong Ngae Market, but Ms Wipha used the attacker’s hand to hold a gun, so the bullet hit her right ring finger. And the shrapnel still hit the chest with a bruise.

It was reported that the police investigative team at Khlong Ngae Police Station was able to find the criminal who had already recognized the name Mr Wichit Suthisakphakdi, aged 54, or Hia Chai, as he walked along Kanchanavanich Road, and arrested him . The Good Samaritan helped inform the officers of the clues. He was arrested while sitting and waiting to be picked up on the footpath on the approach side of Sadao District, opposite Sri Trang factory, in Moo 5 area, Phangla Subdistrict, Sadao District, Songkhla Province, which is about 5 minutes from location the accident km

along with the centerpiece of the pen gun used in the crime, 2 gun barrels, 1 top class ammunition, 5 rounds of .22 caliber ammunition, 1 casing of .22 caliber gun used in shooting, which is concealed in the pants pocket. He was also armed with a 27-centimeter long knife, kept in a white plastic bag next to him.

From the investigation, Hia Chai admitted to confessing that he actually shot Ms Wipha because he was angry that he had borrowed ten thousand baht and refused to return it despite being asked several times. And the latest this morning, I went to ask for money again but did not pay the same. so enraged by using a gun and a pen he comes out to shoot but Ms Wipha caught a gun in time and was hit on her ring finger. After the incident, he walked away from the scene until the police came to arrest him. The police also obtained important evidence from CCTV footage at the time of the incident. Before the event, Hia Chai sat and waited in the shop. Ms Wipha was already there and later, Ms Wipha drove a motorbike to the shop. and went down to talk to Hia Chai for a while

The two had an argument. Miss Wipha ran away from the shop, Mehia Chai ran after her with a head gun. And there was a stop to seizing the guns. Ms Wipha tried to grab the gun until it burst and hurt her ring finger. and he ran away in haste to die Heachai walks away.

After the arrest, the police sent an investigating officer and filed five charges including: 1. Attempting to kill another person with intent 2. Possession of weapons, ammunition without the permission of the registrar 3. Carrying or bringing firearms and ammunition into a city, village , community or public road without reasonable cause. 4. Firing a gun in a public place without reasonable cause 5. Carrying or carrying a weapon (knife) into a city, village, community or public road without reasonable cause.

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