Home News Caught the bank girl Misappropriation of 2 million co-customers, victims are attracted to banks for not being transparent to provide information

Caught the bank girl Misappropriation of 2 million co-customers, victims are attracted to banks for not being transparent to provide information

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Caught the bank girl Misappropriation of 2 million customers’ money, take it to Uncle Capital, claiming to do it alone Filing 4 million bail Victims are attracted to banks for not being transparent.

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in the event of multiple victims who deposited money in a bank in Chaiyaphum province, but found that the money in the account was lost, totaling more than 10 million baht, according to the news already

Recently, on October 25, 64 reporters went to the area to ask Mrs. Narathip Chiamchaiyaphum, 52 years old, a native of Huai Rai Subdistrict, Khon Sawan District, Chaiyaphum Province, one of the victims who lost 1,186,568 baht, which was money from water and hard work and money. All in life that has been collected It’s the money that her husband goes to work abroad and collects it and sends it to his family. and adjust the account book every month Recently, an anomaly was found on October 19, in the past, more than 1 million baht was lost, so he contacted the bank at Kaeng Khro District, but did not receive an answer by the Kaeng Kro branch bank. hot to contact the bank in Chaiyaphum to hear information and details before they go to report them as evidence

While Mr. Nattawut Son said that in this case, there are many suspicions that the bank conceals information and is not transparent in providing information to customers. such as not notifying the state as requested and did not clarify that the money in the account was lost, who did the action or the details He and his family wanted to know how the money disappeared. a person at the bank Or working in the bank is the action or not. In this section, the bank asked the bank to explain to the family and themselves transparently.

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Reporters reported that The bank has contacted the victims to return the money as quickly as possible by Friday. But when this afternoon have contacted the victim to travel to the Chaiyaphum Bank branch to talk and listen to clarifications A statement will be given and lost money will be refunded along with interest.

While in the case, the Muang Chaiyaphum Police Station knew that this scammer had accessed the personal information of a bank customer. to be linked to a credit card – debit card Then secretly transfer money to the bank account. through a mobile phone to another bank before investing money Many people have been secretly withdrawing money from their bank accounts many times.

The police then gathered evidence. And asked the Chaiyaphum Provincial Court to issue an arrest warrant No. 152/2564 dated 20 October 64 to arrest Miss Pattama, 28, a bank employee on suspicion of stealing from an employer. and importing false information into the computer system Later, the police learned that Ms. Pattama had been admitted to Chaiyaphum Ram Hospital After having an accident, the car lost control and fell to the side and collided with a tree. At Ban Na Siew, Na Siew Subdistrict, Mueang District, Chaiyaphum Province, he was detained.

where the accused confessed that it actually did and act alone After that, the police have made a confession case and submitted a lawsuit to the court. Before the accused submitted securities worth 4 million baht, the bail was issued.

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