CC Final Fantasy 7 Reunion, graphics, music, and battle all upgraded

Square Enix has revealed the features of ‘CRISIS CORE FINAL FANTASY VII REUNION’ (hereinafter referred to as CC Final Fantasy VII Reunion).

CC Final Fantasy 7 Reunion is a remaster of Crysis Core Final Fantasy 7, released in 2007. While remastered games usually only improve picture quality, CC FF7 Reunion has an optimized user interface and a new menu-based combat system.

▲ 'CC Final Fantasy 7 Reunion' game screen (Source: Final Fantasy 7 Official Twitter)
▲ ‘CC Final Fantasy 7 Reunion’ game screen (Source: Final Fantasy 7 Official Twitter)

In addition, the background music is newly arranged, and each character’s voice is added to the scene that was only expressed in text due to device limitations in the original, enhancing the immersion of the game.

CC Final Fantasy 7 Reunion will be available in Winter 2022 for PlayStation 4 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X S, and Nintendo Switch. , Windows PC, etc. will be released on various platforms.

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